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Medal Storage

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This is one of those discussions which ultimately ends up with a choice between "bad choices" and "badder choices", unless one has the luxury of putting the whole collection in Cryogenic storage while the cabinets "cure", a month/year long process. And, ultimately, all objects deteriorate to some degree in ANY environment. Entropy Rules! :speechless:

That said, however, your solution sounds like a good compromiwe, especially the open bags and the 'air exchange'. I don't expect you'll have to worry about the whole lot turning green or black on you. Do feel free to post shots of your collection too!


One concern is certainly the humidity - I simply don't know what the effects of this kind of storage might have on the ribbons (I'm more concerned with the ribbons than the medals, mold or chemical attack?) so I'm just assuming that lower humidity is better, but not bone dry! I live in neither a dry nor humid climate, fairly mild which is a plus. I sure gotcha on that entropy thing! Just want to delay it as long as possible. :o

I will eventually get around to posting some photos, but the sad truth is, I' horrible at taking pictures!!! Some of it might be my camera (more lack lack of knowledge of using it effectively), but most of it is my lack of skill.... :blush:

Something else I've considered to protect the medals themselves is using a wax like Renaissance wax. I've used this on old cartridges and it seems to protect pretty well - thought maybe this would help in any further "aging" of medal metal. Then again, cartridges are smooth so the wax is easy to apply, might be hard with medals with all the engravings, embossings, uneven surfaces, etc. O.K., maybe scratch that idea! :rolleyes:

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