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Some Odd Paperwork to a War Invalid

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Signals Senior Lieutenant Oleg Fedorovich Levashov in 1938:

While a student attending the Command Faculty of Signals at the Military Electro-Technical Academy "in the name of Budenny"--

This is about twice the size of the usual hard covered booklets from this period.

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Entry page showing that he entered 1 September 1938 as a Senior Lieutenant with middle education.

The book was filled out on New Year's Day 1939. I can't read the signatures to tell if these two signing survived the Great Purge which was loomiong and the war to become generals.

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Quite a shock for somebody like me used to the commission "Patents" of Germany, here is Levashov's promotion-- a bit smaller than fold open medal cards on cheap newsprint paper-- as a Senior Lieutenant--

This gives him seniority as of 15 February 1937. It was filled out on 11 March 1937 at the Main Administration of the Red Army and signed off on by Military Engineer 1st Rank Polyakov.

At the time, Levashov was aa Lieutenant in the Signals Battalion of 71st Artillery Regiment in the city of Novosibirsk.

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On 20 June the Main Administration of WPRA Signals sent this to commander of Cadre Department in the Siberian Military District, city of Novosibirsk, with this being copied to Captain (now) Levashov at his home at Leninskaya 73, village of Kazanka, Kazansky Raion, St. Ishim, Omsk Oblast--

It assigns him as chairman of signals for infantry training in Omsk Oblast. Stating that he graduated from the Military Electro-Technical Academy of Signals of the WPRA in 1941, it says that after being


a military-medical commission has declared him fit for limited/restricted duty in higher education at the address above, and that the Novosibirsk Cadres Commander whould report back on his usefulness for teaching work to the Cadre Department of the Main Administration of the WPRA. Signed off on by Colonel Khamkov of the Cadre Dept, MA-WPRA.

He was presumably Major Genraal of Signals Ivan Mikhailovich Khamkov-- so a new assignment for Steen Ammentorp's WW2 Generals website database! :cheers:

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I can't open this Military Pension Book because it is again cheap browned newsprint paper stapled in at the top:

This declares Levashov a Military Invalid 3rd Category, and was filled out at Omsk Oblast Military Commissariat 31 August 1942. Though headed for 1 July 1942 to 1 January 1943, the actual monthly payments of 405 Rubles are entered from September 1943 to December 1944.

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