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size of & copies of?


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My wee neice calls the suchebataar order 'The sooky batman'; so, i need to know, how big is the 'sookie batman' when compared to others such as the polar star or red banner of labor? I have only got those two, in various issues & types. I could have many different Mongolian orders but whenever i see a variant of one i already have i buy that instead!!!!

Also, are there any good quality replicas available? I know i shouldt have copies, but i dont like to display the valuable origionals.

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Never too late to educate your niece as to the correct names (in English) of these things: Sukhbaatar Order.

Size? See comparisons in numerous threads here. For example, the Byamba Gezegt or Suuigiyn Gombo groups?



Copies? If I knew, I wouldn't say.

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Alexei had the new Brass version of the SB for $210 which is about a 10th of the real thing. I still get these offered from time to time so they are out there, and for good reason. Not a copy but just as desirable as one.


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