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Jensen was from Schottsbüllfeld, here mentioned together with Dr. Wolff and Matthiessen, who we already have.

From Hamburgischer Correspondent und neue hamburgische Börsen-Halle, 30.5.1918


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More info on awards of Lt (Johannes) Leistikow:

From Hamburger Anzeiger, 10.3.1917




By coincidence, also found the death notice of his father, from Hamburgischer Correspondent und neue hamburgische Börsen-Halle, 30.10.1917


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Not sure if this is a new one, or just a new first name: Lt Otto Carstens, plus other awards


From Hamburgischer Correspondent und neue hamburgische Börsen-Halle, 16.7.1918


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Here comes one of the Schmidts: Olt dR Ernst Schmidt 

From Hamburgischer Correspondent und neue hamburgische Börsen-Halle. 9.7.1918




There are no HHOXs here, but this is such a nice listing of many different awards I wanted to post it here anyway. Many different states, and even the Finnish Medal of Liberty to Unteroffizier R. Burmeister and Maschinistenmaat Max Krause. 

From Hamburgischer Correspondent und neue hamburgische Börsen-Halle. 19.7.1918


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And just for a break, isn't this a nice message: The Kaiser personally allowed the seven soldier sons of the widow Kosow to go on holiday to visit their mother. 

(Hamb. Corresp., 12.1.1918)


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Another new one: Lt dR Wilhelm Glover from Itzehoe: 

From Hamburgischer Correspondent und neue hamburgische Börsen-Halle, 1.6.1918


New first name: Lt dR Theo Normann 

From Hamburgischer Correspondent und neue hamburgische Börsen-Halle, 28.5.1918


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15 hours ago, Mattyboy said:

Wilhelm Glover should read Wilhelm Gloyer. Award appeared in MWB dated 11th July 1918. 


Would make sense. I find a Wilhelm Rudolf Claus Gloyer, born 1893 in Itzehoe, died 1968 in Düsseldorf. 

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A bit more on Egger Rasmuß:

Rasmuß, Johann Egger
*30.11.1885 in Altona
†10.10.1966 in Gettorf

Rasmuß was promoted to Dr.jur. by the University of Jena on 7.8.1913 and was a Referendar in Kiel when the war began. He was still a Rechtsanwalt in Kiel in the 1941 Kiel Fernsprechbuch. He was commissioned a Lt.d.R. in FAR 26 on 20.2.12 and was promoted to OLt.d.R. on 18.6.17 with a Patent of 15.6.17. Gettorf is a village northwest of Kiel.


Regarding the later Oberst Johannes Leistikow, as the obituary notes, his father was a doctor.

What is a bit weird is that Generalmajor Hans Leistikow had basically the same name, was also an HOH3X and HH recipient who later served in the Wehrmacht, and was also the son of a doctor; in his case, Generaloberarzt Ludwig Leistikow (†1910).

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Here are several ones for the White Falcon list from the Eisenach Gedenkbuch: 


Willy Baacke, Arno Bliedner, Rudolf Böttger, Armin Brockmann, Max Büschel, Hermann Coch, Richard Ebert, August Engelhardt, Curt zum Felde, Theo Foltz, Hermann Fürbringer


Kurt Harseim, Arthur Henning (new first name), Wilhelm v. Holleben, Hans Kleinsteuber, Rudolf Kleinsteuber, Egon Kürbs, Gustav Liess, Alfred Limbach, Fritz Loosch, Willi Mattheus, Hugo Mattig, Walther Ohnesorg, Dr. Hermann Osske (new first name)


Hermann Rosendorf, Max Sommer, Fritz Walther (new first name), Martin Wernick (more info), Carl Alexander v. Wurmb, Hans Lutz v. Wurmb



August Vole (new first name)



Felix Seidler


Fritz Bodenschatz

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4 hours ago, webr55 said:

This might be a new HHOX: Olt Kaspar Gerlach from IR 98, 1887-1917:


From the Verlustliste of the Hessischer Volksschullehrerverein:


Ahhh.. So that HOH3X for Kaspar is not the new one, but for Otto Gerlach.

so the Lehrer Otto Gerlach, 1862-1940, Major d.R.a.D. und Oberschulrat is an unpiblished late 1918 award which is mentioned in his Lehrer File...

Otherwise I would wonder why a mid-1917 award would not be in the gazettes...




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No HHOX here, but a very interesting description for an EK 1 award: Lt Artur Gdanietz destroyed two tanks with direct hits from a Minenwerfer: 

(Die Presse, 31.10.1918)


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Here we have one of the Grassmanns (spelling might of course elsewhere be Graßmann): Hptm Konrad Grassmann from an FAR:

(and btw he seems to have a brother Curt, also FA Hptm)

From Die Presse, 1.9.1918


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Here is the death notice for Kaspar Gerlach 

Gerlach, Kaspar.JPG

Hi all,

I have a note that Konrad Grassmann served in FAR 36 and FAR 259. 

I also have a Hptm Wilhelm Grassmann from IR 28 & Inf-Btn 703 as receiving the HOH3x. But I'm not sure where I got this information from! 

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