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Friedrich Richard v. Canstein was not a Freiherr, or at least was not elevated to one until after 1938 at least. He is in the Taschenbuch der uradeligen Häuser under the house of "Rabe von Canstein",

Leut. d. Res. Gerhard (Emil Ferdinand) SIEDSCHLAG (FR34), * 06. Nov. 1894 in Grabow / Stettin. (EK2: 27. Jan. 1915; EK1: 30. March 1917; HOH3x: 09. Oct. 1918, VWA mattweiss: 13. Oct. 1918) 13. Mar

Found today on a Berlin cemetery.

Posted Images

New first name and some more info on a second one:

Lt dR Dr. Paul Nordmeyer from RIR 15

Olt dR Ernst v Lengerken 


From Westfälische Zeitung, 2.11.1918 


Olt Paul Gassel was from IR 135 

From Westfälische Zeitung, 4.11.1918 


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Lt dR Otto Ullrich was from Königsberg: 

From Königsberger Hartungsche Zeitung, 14.6.1918


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the diploma of the knight's cross with swords of the hohenzollern house of Leutnant Prahl is on 5th September 1918.
Geile gave the date in October 1918.




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New first name and more info: Olt dR Alfred Grabowski from Posen, obviously from artillery. 

From Bromberger Zeitung, 6.10.1918


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We have him in the list, but here is some more info on Olt Diethelm from FAR 233 / FAR 53:

From Bromberger Zeitung, 19.10.1918


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Not confirmed yet, but the Hptm dR Decker in MWB 21.11.18 could be Franz Decker. He is mentioned in the Kölner Lokal-Anzeiger dated 06.1.1916. Difficult to read, but it mentions his awards up to this time. 


Franz Decker - Kolner Lokal-Anzeiger (06.01.1916).JPG

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3 hours ago, Mattyboy said:

Lt.d.R. Brix seems to be Johannes Theodor Brix. Born 29 August 1891 in Schleswig, Postassistent in Kiel 1917 later in Hamburg.

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Some more info on Bavarian Olt dR Dr. Sonnenschein from FAR3, prosecutor and flyer. 

From M√ľnchner Neueste Nachrichten, 29.6.1918¬†¬†

I find two Dr. Sonnenscheins before 1919 who would fit:

Dr. Wilhelm Sonnenschein from Werden a.d. Ruhr, who received a Dr. iur. from the University of Erlangen in 1904. (NOT him)

Dr. Adolf Sonnenschein, 1886-1965, who received a¬†Dr. iur. from the University of Greifswald in 1913. He was also Regierungspr√§sident in Osnabr√ľck from 1922 to 1933:¬†https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_Sonnenschein_(Verwaltungsjurist)

--->  and yes, I can confirm that he is the Bavarian Reserve  Officer "Adolf Sonnenschein genannt Wasserfall" in FAR 3. His file is in the Bavarian Hauptstaatsarchiv, with the same birthdate as the Adolf above: 



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Some more info on Lt dR Dr. phil. Klausmann. The name is probably Dr. Gustav Klausmann, who is listed as Lt dR in the Verlustlisten (wounded in 1917) and who received a Dr. phil. from the University of Greifswald (same birthdate: 17. April 1888 in Heißen). 

From Stralsundische Zeitung, 10.10.1918


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On 04/12/2020 at 21:39, David M said:

I did not know the HHO3x came with Eichenlaub

Update: While the Royal HHOX didn't come with oak leaves, it seems that there was a version of the Princely no-swords Hohenzollern with Eichenlaub, see below one that was sold. I didn't know that, what do the Princely statutes say about it?


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On 16/09/2007 at 23:33, Komtur said:

Rick, Komtur,


Fritz Vieth was the former 3. Lothringisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 135 Vieth (Hptm 1.10.13 B50b) and still in that rank in the 1919 Dienstaltersliste. Magdeburgisches J?ger-Bataillon Nr. 4 Leutnant Vieth was promoted to Oberleutnant with a Patent of 27.1.15 J52i and was still in that rank in the 1919 Dienstaltersliste.





Gentleman i quote this old post because im looking for a Leutnant Vieth who served in the IR 144 and was awarded with a damast IOD89 by his former unit in 1915.

I know the IR135 and IR144 formed the 67. Infanterie-Brigade

Is it possible that the Vieth of the IR144 is the same Vieth as mentioned above ( this sword was presented to him by the 4. Kompanie der 5.Lothringisches IR 144 as a memorial of his company when he got the command of the 8. Kompanie of the 5. Lothr.IR144 ( listed on 08 nov 1915 in the Regiments book of the IR144 which i own one)

I know another sword presented to Hauptmann Vieth of the IR459 ( which was formed later on in the war by remains of the IR 135.

I hope someone can shed a light on who was who in the IR144 & IR135.

Kind Regards

Ger Hessels

Vieth 1.jpg

vieth 2.jpg

vieth 3.jpg

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Nice one!


Fritz Vieth, born 1880, was with IR 135 in 1914, moved then to IR 459 and retitred as Major.

Got the Hohenzollern, EKs, Brunswick 1st and 2nd class with bar and a black wound badge in WW1.

In WW2 he could add a War Merit Cross 2nd class with swords




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