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First names will always be helpful!


Some more info on Bernhard Pein, later Professor and SS Officer:





Also some more on Emil(e) Brumder, who remained in French Alsace, died 1967:


(it is the same person, I checked the birth date)

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On 07/08/2007 at 10:08, webr55 said:

Here's a picture I found somewhere. An unknown LW Major with HHOX, WF and Meiningen.


By the way, this Lw OTL from the very first page of this 14-year-old thread has recently been identified over at AHF. It is GM (posth.) Dr. Johann-Volkmar Fisser (1893-1940). So we can add his other awards to the list: HHOX, GSF3bX (he is in the Sachsen-Weimar list as "Walter Fisser"), Oldenburg (probably, I thought Meiningen at first, but he is not in the list) - and the last one looks to me like an Italian Crown Order, not ÖM3K. 


(Colorized below.) 


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Hi all, 

There was a small book about IR 149 on ebay some time ago. One of the pictures shows Oblt Baske wearing the Prussian observer's badge. I don't have any more info on him, and unfortunately the seller did not reply to my requests for information. But at least I can add another Fliegertruppe officer to my Hohenzollern recipients list. 


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Hi Matty


Here is some info on Eitel Baske awards during WW1.

EKII 09.1914

BeoAbz 13.09.1916

EKI 26.01.1917

Hohx 03.10.1917.

VwAbz (schwarz) 29.08.1918, he was badly WIA 06.09.1914

ErAbz 02.03.1920


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On 08/12/2020 at 19:29, webr55 said:



A first name: Lt Rudolf Zacharias-Langhans

Hamburgischer Correspondent und neue hamburgische Börsen-Halle, 5.10.1918




Some more info from myheritage:







Helmut Yström is probably this one, Police career and Senator in Bremen after WW2:



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Lt Fraedrich was from IR 155 and from Ostrowo. Olt aD as per EhrenRL.


From Posener Tageblatt, 8.7.1918


The Adressbuch Ostrowo 1913 lists a Hermann Fraedrich, Oberzollrevisor, probably his father. 


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A new first name - Lt dR Louis Schuchardt, from the Kasseler Neueste Nachrichten dated 13th Dec 1917. He was also awarded the SMK whilst with RIR 233 (Erfurter Allgemeiner Anzeiger publication dated 21st June 1915). 


Schuchardt 1.JPG

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Hi Daniel,

here is one from my collection. Major Hans Kolbe, Kdr. Küstenwehr-Abt. Kiel. Photo from 1924. Can anybody identify the last medal, please?




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14 hours ago, GreyC said:

Hi Daniel,

here is one from my collection. Major Hans Kolbe, Kdr. Küstenwehr-Abt. Kiel. Photo from 1924. Can anybody identify the last medal, please?





Hi GreyC,


I think it is the swedish Wasa Orden Ritter 2. Klasse.





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Thank you, Andreas, that is correct.

He was already mentioned here:

The Prussian and Glenn helped with the biographical details:

Hans Kolbe, geb. 11.5.82
Diensteintritt April 1900.
RL 1904: Lt.z.S. auf "Kaiser Wilhelm II"
RL 1907: Olt.z.S. auf Torpedoboot "S124"
RL 1909: auf Torepedoboot "Taku"
RL 1911: Kp.Lt. Marinestation der Ostsee
RL 1912: auf Torpedoboot "G192"
Februar 1915 Chef 2. Torpedo-Halbflottille
April 1917 Chef 3. Torpedo-Halbflottille bis Kriegsende
Korvettenkapitän 21.1.20 (vergleichbar mit Major im Heere)
Fregattenkapitän 1.5.25 (~ Oberstleutnant)
Kapitän z.S. 1.1.28 (~ Oberst)
Orden (gem RL 1918): RAO4, Hohenzollern Ritterkreuz m. Schw., EKI, LübH
Das DAK für 25 Jahre würde 1924 auch passen.
so: EKII, Hohenzollern, RAO, DAK, Mecklenburg, Lübeck
Der Letzte ist der schwedische Wasa-Orden (Ritterkreuz 2.Kl.), den hatte er laut RL 1914:
Screenshot (502).png
Herr Kolbe hat sich auch eine Wikiseite gegönnt:
Und er war auch im GMIC in Behandlung:


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Ok, Kölnische Zeitung has been put online now. Here we go:


New first name: Hptm Albert Otto




New first name: Lt dR Hermann Kracht from FußAR7





We have Schalk from IR 135, but Olt dR Gossler might be a new one.






New first name: Lt Heinrich Essmann, KIA 1918





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First name: Lt dR Ernst Josten, RJB




First name: Hptm Wilhelm Rath





A late submitted one, might well have got it: Lt dR Heinrich Bock from FAR 33




Yet another submitted one: Lt dR Joseph Credé






Submitted as well, not the Kolkmann we have already: Lt dR Gustav Kolkmann from IR 151






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Three new first names: Fred Hermanns, Werner Lentz, Franz Meng 






Submitted: Lt dR Walter Lucas





First name: Olt Herbert Veltman, KIA 1918





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We have Petri, but Olt Max Heyden might be a new one:





This shows again why we should definitely list the submitted ones: we have Lt dR Max Pulfrich (though new first name!), but he is listed here as submitted:




May have some new info on Hptm Köhler, Beckhaus, Pulkowski:




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• "Gossler" is Goßler, Friedrich Eduard Hermann, *9.9.1887 in Magdeburg, gef. 17.7.1918 bei Tréloup an der Marne. He was a Zollsekretär in Magdeburg. For some reason, he is listed as Hans in the Verlustliste.


• Schalk is Karl, *29.5.18__ in Meißen, Minden, †4.6.1918 infolge Verw. am 29.5.1918.


• "Essmann" is Eßmann, *28.8.1883 in Düsseldorf, gef. 1.11.1918; 22.3.15 Lt.d.L.-Felda. I (Düsseldorf) im FAR 33, gef. mit d. 3./FAR 237.


• Ernst Josten, *28.10.1892 in Remscheid, †26.10.1918 infolge Verw. b. St. Etienne (Champagne). He was a Lt.d.R. in FAR 23, and was killed with RJB 4 (JägR 8).


• Wilhelm Rath was the commander of Fußartillerie-Bataillon Nr. 52. He was an Amtsrichter in Grevenbroich and an OLt.d.L.-Felda. II (Neuß), promoted to Hptm.d.L. on  30.11.14 while in the Landsturm-Fußartillerie-Bataillon of the VIII.AK. He was originally commissioned a Lt.d.R. in FAR 23, but is not in the FAR 23 Mitglieder-Verzeichnis, nor its list of verstorbene Mitglieder. He also had the LD2.


• There was another Rath who received the HOH3X in 1918: Rath, Friedrich Karl Hugo Richard, *4.2.1889 in Eisleben, †20.2.1960 in Bochum-Langendreier; Lt.d.R. (Burg) d. FAR 74, 3.3.17 OLt.d.R., OLt.d.R.a.D., Rittergutspächter auf Gut Neuermark, Schönhausen/Elbe-Land.


• The Hptm. Seebeck mentioned in the same excerpt was Hptm.d.L. II August Seebeck from IR 69. He also had the LD2.


• Herbert Veltman was an Oberleutnant in IR 69 and was killed with IR 389. He was born on 16.6.1893 in Aachen.


• Max Heyden was born in Düsseldorf and was a Kgl. Regierungsbaumeister and Vorstand of the Eisenbahn-Betriebsamt Leipzig 2. He received the HOH3X on 23.4.18 as a Lt.d.R. in RPB 33 and was promoted to OLt.d.R. on 18.5.1918.


• Pulfrich's award was dated 27.8.1918, but he was already dead by that point, having been wounded on 3.6.1918 and dying on 8.8.1918.


• Felix Lohe was a Maj.d.R. in the Luftwaffe. He was a Bankdirektor in Düsseldorf.



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Wilhelm Buhr, Major from PB7, later Oberregierungsrat, died Köln 1941.  



Siegfried Krick died 1941:




New first name: Ernst Stamm, died as Major, Meldeamtsleiter, in 1941.





Dr. Dr. h.c. Georg Sperlich, former Mayor of Münster, died in some accident in 1941:





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KL aD Aloys Böcker died 1941:






It says "submitted", but I guess the Hptm Meller in our list is Albert:






New first name: Lt dR Haan is Fritz, KIA:





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