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leopold 2nd swords qwestshun!

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I have just gotten into Belgiun awards due to a compulsive purchase of a civil knight Leopold 1st from a local coin fayre; it was only ?25. :cheers:

My 2nd buy has been a Leopold 2nd, military officer with box & cert for ?75!!!!!! I love it & think it is a good buy, but i cannot send a picture yet as i have not yet worked out how to use the scanner (at my library). :unsure:

The swords on the ribbon are seemingly the wrong way up up! The swords have the points going downwards instead of upwards.Are they meant to be with the swords points pointing down? I thought that maybe with the swords pointing up it would be denotive of a combat award & with the swords pointing down a non combat award?

Even if i am wrong, it is a good way of pointing out what an award was given for!!!

I have seen a few like this, surly they cannot all be done incorrectly?! :unsure:

I have a beautiful, exellent condition, 2nd class military cross waiting for me at my dealers stall for my next buy. :cheers:

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Hello Bifter

I'd say: wellcome to the club! :cheers: ... as far as I know the swords should be pointing upwards and there's no difference between combatant or non-combatant awards...

If you need more info on Belgian awards: you'll probably find Hendrik's site the best online-source by far on the subject: http://users.skynet.be/hendrik/index.html and it's even in English ;) Have a look

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