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Austrian Chamberlain's Key?


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Heres a piece my mother found at a flea market and gave me for my last B-day.

She thought it may be Russian. I knew it was Austrian, but didnt know what it was.

Just saw a Chamberlain's key on emedals.

Is this a damaged original key?





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it looks like a fine Chamberlain Key from the reign of Emperor Franz I (1804-1835). The piece was shortened, probably for reasons of an easier wear in the typical "pocket" of the uniform.

Best wishes,


Thanks for the reply.

Too bad it was cut down. :(

I still like it though :cheers:

Thanks again


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Whoa! That's quite a price at eMedals... :o

The one in my post was recently sold on eBay for 132 Euros ($180). Not to me though...

To be fair, I think the price on eBay was very low.

I guess the way of wearing them differed a bit from one country to another, but normally they were mounted on the belt (on the back). Some were mounted on simple pieces of ribbon (like the Danish one below), some - like the Austrian - were mounted in a more eye-pleasing way.

Picture of the Austrian key is from Dorotheum.


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