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Hello friends,

I am posting this on behalf of my friend. Any chance you could help me with the authenticity. Personally I do not like it, but since I am not an expert I do not want to say final word. There is rzm stamp underneath visor even not pictured here.


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Also, look at the stitching. It is perfect. I don't think the stitching was done that well. Remember, I believe the stitching was done by hand and that type of perfection is next to impossible. I am new to peaked caps, however this is what I have learned so far. Check the chin cord slider, if it is plastic, it is reproduction. A good general rule is if a piece is this expensive and this questionable..walk away and get a piece that has no questions attached to it. I used these rules to purchase my first cap. The oak leaves and cocade were reproduction. The rest of the cap was authentic. I told the dealer about this and he questioned himself. I recieved the hat for a steal. I replaced the reproduction pieces with originals I already own. Looks great. Great Deal. And yes, the RZM tag is suspicious. Older Allegeimene caps had the SS runes under the sweatshield. Hope this helps. Get more literature before a big purchase.

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