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Would a medal bar be incorrect with 2 EK2s?

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I found the below listing in the 1918 German Reich Handbook. The diplomat has both the EK2 combattant and EK2W, which is the non-combbatants. If you saw his medalbar would you think it incorrect? I could not find jis entry in the 1908/09 DAO so I can not say if either EK is from 1870. Comments?

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Maybe that's it. I can't find him, either. The Counts F?rstenberg were a lesser branch of the Princes F?rstenburg.

He did indeed win a combatant "HE2bX" on 12 November 1916 as "Imperial German General Consul for Hungary."

Egon was his first name. Not in the Honor Rank List, so if ever a regular officer, it was not as such aD that he was in combat in the World War.

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"w" in the German State Handbook after the EK2 means on the white ribbon. "m.Sp." is used for the 1914 Spange to the 1870 EK2. I can check the 1914 handbook tomorrow to see if there's an EK listed there, in which case one would be 1870, though if that were the case, you'd expect to see the "m.Sp."

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