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Veteran-patriotic and other Imperial goodies.

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As some of you know, my main interest these days is in Patriotic items, veteran related items, period pins-stickpins and reservist goodies.. Not a realy popular area of the hobby (which makes me happy!) but one that seems to be never ending. Every once in a while ya run into a document as well. Most common are the Hindenburg Cross award documents. Here is one that I picked up in Germany this year--This document is for the W?rttemburg Kriegerbund badge. This document is for a soldier from the town of Mengen and was award in 1932. Here is the document.

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Here is the award--one thing to note on these awards. It seems that there were many varations to this badge. The difference being in the print on the ribbon. Many different towns in W?rttemburg issued these awards and each had their own town printed on the ribbon. This badge did not come with the award but is a example of what they look like.

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