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Uncertain Belgium medal #1

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Besides "military" these medals are also sold as "freemason" because of the presence of the "ageold freemason symbol of a beehive" and some tools... :rolleyes:

Nevertheless these medals can become a very attractive collection in themselves as there are different (crossshaped) variations for work in a labour organisation, health insurance, agriculture, women's versions, different models trough the ages, different grades... a full collection should amount to about 100 medals (rough guess...)

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Okay, thanks again gents for your help! My records are now correct! I didn't know it wasn't a military award, but it is a nice looking one, and I'm glad I received it none the less. I never got one for slaving away all those years when I was working for the government!

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it is an old thread, but I could not find some newer posts about the Belgium Industrial and Agricultural Decoration from 1947, since 1863 Industrial Decoration, since 1958 Labour Decoration.

I only want to add here this new (old) decoration in my collection. It is a II. class from 1864, a one piece construction (the center picture is engraved) with a small crown, the inscription only in French:

Belgien Arbeitsverdienst 2.Kl 011.jpg


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Hello speedytop,

a very beautiful item. In this form the first type (1863). Those where usually named. 

Named items are scarce.

This one was accorded by royal decree of 14 december 1864 :

Lemyé Jules, ouvrier ébéniste, à Bruges.

Moniteur Belge 16/12/1864

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Nice medal. I never have seen them with the date of the royal decree.

Here are some of my rare or uncommen pieces:

1&2: Agricultural Decoration 2nd class (green wreath), only French and maker on the back (A. Fisch Bruxelles)

3: Miniature Agricultural Decoration, 2nd class

4: 1st & 2nd class Agricultural Decoration, French and Dutch

5: 2nd class Industrial Decoration, French only

6: 1st and 2nd class Industrial Decoration, Dutch only (unofficial)

7&8: 2nd Class Industrial Decoration with maker mark on the back (Auguste Fonson)

9: Box of medal in picture 7&8

10&11: three 2nd class Industrial Decorations with maker marks (A. Fisch (x2) and Fonson & C.), the middle one is unfinished.

12: Three Women versions of the Industrial Decoration 2nd class

13: Industrial Decoration awarded after a mortal accident at work (Unless I'm mistaken it should always be 1st class)

14&15: A more modern Industrial Decoration with engraved name (it aren't always old ones :))

  th_051195792_IMG_1186_122_421lo.JPG th_051203611_IMG_1187_122_431lo.JPG th_505121114_IMG_1188_122_9lo.JPG
th_051219742_IMG_1189_122_9lo.JPG th_051227371_IMG_1190_122_433lo.JPG th_505123599_IMG_1191_122_446lo.JPG
th_051244314_IMG_1192_122_588lo.JPG th_505125228_IMG_1193_122_6lo.JPG th_051259872_IMG_1194_122_483lo.JPG
th_505126846_IMG_1195_122_467lo.JPG th_051276468_IMG_1196_122_36lo.JPG th_051286758_IMG_1197_122_83lo.JPG
th_051297781_IMG_1198_122_146lo.JPG th_051309772_IMG_1199_122_398lo.JPG th_051325811_IMG_1201_122_62lo.JPG


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