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Gewehr 88 and Brown Bess


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I have come across a couple of firearms that I have no use for.

The first is a gewehr 88 in fairly good condition (for it's age of course). The rear sight has been bent laterally into an 's' shape, which is apparently how it was when it was picked up off the battle field. The gentleman that picked it up passed away last year and it was handed into me. I didn't want to post it on the 'for sale' section as I don't really know what this sort of thing is worth and it states no live firearms.

The second is a brown bess. I have absolutely no information on it's history, or indeed any knowledge of them at all. Again I have no use for it.

I work for a museum and these came into our posession a while ago. The museum is a charity, so I'm not out to make a huge sum of money for either of these firearms.

My local RFD has said he can try and sell them for me, but I have no idea of value, if at all. If anyone can offer any advice, it would be appreciated.



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I'd love to own your Brown Bess Paul but ...I'm in NY and the way things are today , we'd probably have to get a Green Card and a Visa for her. They might even want to interview Bess first to see if she's Politically Correct :rolleyes:

I heard that Airport Restrictions have tightened up on what we can ship ..not just the "carry on's" when we fly

Wish we were closer

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Well, I'll make you a deal. if you figure out how to ship out 2 AR15 uppers to me, I'll get the Bess to you. I'm actually trying to get an export licence for them at the moment but struggling. It's funny because I don't need a licence to buy them in CA, just remove them from the US. Even getting them into this country is a doddle.(Legally)

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