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Hi guys!!

I am looking for portraits of some officers who all made at least GM rankin the prussian army. I do already have the necessary careerdata

Eberhard von Claer

Wilhelm von Kienitz

Adolf von Herzberg

Eduard von Becker

Thanks in advance

David M

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... that's all I found ("puis" = "after that"):

07 Generalmajor puis 10 Generalleutnant puis 14 General der Infanterie, Eberhard von Claer (1856-1945) (+ 2 GM): Croix de l'Ordre "Pour le M?rite" (29/06/15), General der Pioniere bei der O.H.L. (-25/08/14), puis commandant du 24 corps de r?serve (I) (25/08/14-12/09/14), puis commandant du 7 corps d'arm?e (II) (12/09/14-29/06/15), puis General der Pioniere bei der O.H.L. (29/06/15-11/11/18) (03/07/16 en retraite et colonel honoraire du 5 r?giment de grenadiers de la Garde). [Avant la guerre: 11 brigade d'infanterie (02/07-03/10), 22 division d'infanterie (03/10-06/11), 11 division d'infanterie (06/11-04/13), General der Pioniere bei der O.H.L. (04/13-).]



Best regards Jens

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Hi Glenn,


And he was in 1914 General der Pioniere too, but with the rank Generalleutnant.

Correct appointment:

Chef des Ingenieur- und Pionierkorps und Generalinspekteur der Festungen.



I think that von Beseler had the same position some years before. Quite a figure. I have a picture of his Generalkommando showing off their new decorations for taking Antwerp on the steps of the City Hall of Ghent, grand-pop and about 17 others the EK II and EK I, I think; von Beseler his pour le Merite.

Bob Lembke

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