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Correct hinge/pin and recessed catch and apart from the wear, which gives an appearance of the characteristics being slightly different to the obverse... it looks good.

Jan Arne S has one of these.... hopefully he'll be able to give a more informed opinion.

In the meantime, here are some dimensions from a marked original.

32.3 g

57.5 mm height

44.8 mm width

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Thanks for the info! As for the wear , you are correct. For instance , the inner circle in the 'wheel' at the front of the gun , which cannot be seen in the photo , is indeed visible under a loupe.

I have measured it and came up with:

W - 1.75 inches or 44.5mm

H - 2.25 inches or 57.2mm

Weight - 31.4 grams

These are very close and the lengths are off due to conversion. A gram off on the weight doesn't concern me. I am certain this is a good one now.

Thanks again!



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Hi Kurt,

IMO, that's a B&NL Flak (in zinc!) all the way. VERY RARE badge indeed. Your new badge matches up very well to my example, except mine has a different hinge and is marked. The hinge on your example is the typical type seen on all B&NLs, as is the recessed catch as John has already stated. My example weighs in at 32.7 grams, so a gram off is really of no concern. The eagle is correct also, in style and method of adherence to the badge - two small rivits on either side of the hinge. The leafing looks spot on as well. I like it alot. Is this the badge you sent me fuzzy pics of eons ago and I told you it looked like a B&NL?? I think I remember you said you were going to take a chance on it because of the rarity of these per our discussion. If so, looks like your 'risk' paid off my friend! cheers.gif I too would like to hear Jan Arnes' thoughts as well - his too is an unmarked example if my memory serves me correctly. I know Frank H. has one of these as well - if he sees this maybe he can chime in as well. Here's your example Kurt with mine so you can see for yourself the similarities.




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Yes, this is the badge from those photos. I was pretty sure it was a good bet because of the distinctive rivet to the left of the hinge. It was an exact match and I couldn't find a difference in the two anywhere else.



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Hi Kurt !

As John and Eric has said . Original LW Flak badge beleived to be made by B&N.L . I have only seen one of these LW Flak badges with B&N.L maker mark . The other I have seen have been unmarked .

Not able to post pics . Have lost my Internett Connection . Only able get online from Work , and all pics is on my PC at Home .

If Eric or John have saved the pics , please post them .

Hope to be online agian in a couple of weeks .

Jan Arne

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