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Help To Read Cyrillic Scribbles!

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Can anybody make anything out of this mess? All I am SURE of is his patronymic "Mikhailevich." MAYBE the first name is a scrawled "Sergei," or am I just trying to "see" a normal name in something ethic and weird?

Last name is definitely "Ka......an" but then I get NOTHING that matches the WW2 generals website. Katscheman? Kaitssman?

He was a "Major General of Artillery," that's easy enough to read, photo circa 1946. Even the unit stamp has faded away so all I can SEE is "Artillery...." presumably an academy.


changing to gray scale only improves enough to show a bit more ghost letters. I can't tweak this any sharper:


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NIKOLAEVICH it is! speechless.gif

My regards to your GF! beer.gif

Still can't find anything even remotely similar on the WW2 Generals site, so don't know if we are all being thrown off by the HORRID ("Penmanship little comrade? shame.gif We don't have time to teach you penmanship! We are Building Socialism here!!!") handwriting, or this is a Hitherto Unknown...

Obscure General! speechless1.gif

Here is Himself... another Wildly Inappropriate Mustache! hitler.gif


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Thanks Dave--closest possible so far. beer.gif I'd be happy if the "m" written "t" in that name matched how it shows in "artillery" though.

Scribbles are scribbles no matter what the alphabet.

I'll put him up in my Obscure Generals Portrait Gallery as "probable not certain." cheers.gif

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