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Jos -

As always, you've got an outstanding talent for obtaining the necessary field equipment to add the required depth of realism to your displays. Either that, or you have a very understanding wife, who allows you to get away with financially murdering your household expense account!

Nice grouping of "fliegern".



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Thanks guys..!

Thanks Frank,

A friend of mine bought a box full of flightstuff a while ago from a guy who actually didn't collect...

He got it rather cheap..

In it were a mint Summer flightsuit,flightboots,a swimmingvest and the mask..

I could take the mask for less,which I did..

These small benefits still make collecting fun,no ?


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Hi Bob,

Hard to say..

But let's say the last 10 years.

Before that I was constantly changing and I've sold my entire collection twice and started all over again..

All and all I've 30 years experience so to say,but maybe a 13 years "new" collection..

Times are getting rough and it's not hard to locate the good stuff,but the prices are killing me..and everybody else IMO..

I had to adjust my want list many times lately,but in a way I still can find some items..

The fun factor is dropping though,but we all know that,no ?


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