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translation help please

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Oh, OK, German. Thought it might have been Hindi or Urdu. This isn't a uniquely Teutonic forum, after all. Sorry I can't help, as my German has whithered as other languages have replaced it.

OK Ed!!! it is nice to know that I can ask you when I need some help with Hindu documents or any other rare language!


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Here is the translation of the second card:

To Remember Russo-Poland

Year 1916

Tschenstochau (polish city of Częstochowa) November 23, 1916

Georg (writer's name)

Imperial Gesgsober...scher (I cannot make sense of this word :banger: )

For his dear Grandmother

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The second medal is the bronze Bavarian Reserve Landwehr Medal (BLD2).

First photo says

Mein Vater

1917 in


My Father

1917 in


and the second has been nicely done already except for his rank title--

Zur Erinnerung in Russisch-Polen

Jahr 1916

Tschenstochau 23.11.1916


Kaiserl. Gefgsoberaufseher (Gef?ngnis Oberaufseher)

Seiner lieben Grossmutter!

In memory of Russian-Poland

Year 1916

Czestochowa (Catholic pilgrimage city) 23.11.1916


Imper.(ial) Pris(on) Senior Warder

To his dear Grandmother

VERY interesting uniform of a Bavarian civil (not military) PRISON guard. Please zoom in on his cap insignia, collar tabs and shoulder boards! :cheers:

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Thank you very much Hardy & Rick for your kind help !!!!

Here are the bigger scans that you want Rick, are they ok for you? if you need a bigger ones just let me know.

could you tell me please more about the duties of this Bavarian rank? was an middle or lower rank official?

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Ah. He is wearing a Reichs tricolor cockade and the PRUSSIAN type Beamten crowned shield on his cap. Can't quite make out his shoulder boards from the sepia tones and sodft fopcus of the original image.

His sword knot is the type worn by officers and senior NCOs. I believe an Oberaufseher would be considered a senior sergeant with officers' sword knot level position.

The sword itself is the M1818 still worn then by civil servants in all sorts of departments, so I can't tell if it is the Bavarian pattern or the Prussian one. His awards are certainly Bavarian, but whether he was "federalized" for wartime service, or was a native Bavarian in Prussian civil service... ???

It's hard to imagine any form of prison supervisor walking around with a sword! :speechless1:

Czetochowa is where the famous icon of "the Black Virgin" is, but I suppose plain old ordinary crime goes on everywhere-- even in the middle of a war under military occupation!

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