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This interesting bar was on D.N.'s update today. What I found interesting was the life saving medal in last position. I have read on another site that it was awarded for resue at sea. Also the ribbon color changed for additional rescues, green in this case, being for the second action. Does it stand to reason that this bar belonged to a Navy officer? The group also came with an unusual Eiserner Halbmond with 7 red stones. A curious sprucing up by th owner perhaps? Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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Hello Sam:

I saw this too! What a great grouping. If you post this in the Turkish section of the forum, there will be a number of folks there who will know the answer. Tim Tezer is an expert (he would never say that he is, but this IS the case) in this area and should be able to respond and help.

Best regards,


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I can't read what the "front" bar is on the TWM ribbon.

The problem with a group like this is that the wearer was not a career officer AFTER the war. Wartime navy Rank Lists only show GERMAN awards.

So while there would be numerous officers with Iron Crosses and the Friedrich Order X, the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman awards will not show up, after a token few in the 1915 MVBs.

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