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Rick's Revolution: Treason, Trauma & Truculence


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:speechless1: WOW!!! :jumping::jumping:

"Tory Nathan Hale" Lieutenant Moses Dunbar was married to Thaddeus's second cousin, Phebe JEROME (1745-1776). All the Jeromes (Winston Churchill's mama's side) were descended from Thaddeus' great-aunt Abigail Rich Jerome (1687-1771). Dunbar was hung on the technicality that, having sworn allegiance (un-renounced) as a CONNECTICUT militia Lt before the war, he was a traitor to that body politic by taking up the KING'S commission (like Hale, he had it in his boot, but unlike the Guantanamo resorteers, he was NOT accorded pre-Geneva Convention vacation rights thereby).

I knew the names of my 5X great grandfather Thaddeus's company and regimental commanders, but only that he came BACK from

Ticonderoga-- not that he had been there the whole time. :beer:

He had only been a 17 year old private (NEW Cambridge 1759-Cheshire 1834), but at least being that young he LIVED to collect a pension. Still NO clue how he evaded the drafts 1777-83, but then since the rest of the family had moved on up to New Hampshire while he was apprenticed, the only blood kin left around were...

those Naughty Tory-type Cousins.

Silly D.A. R. peebles. WE know all that stuff :rolleyes: (no clue who the 1939 D.A.R. applicant was!!!). Thad was a town militia captain after the war. He also, perversely, converted to the ANGLICAN ("Church of ENGLAND") persuasion in 1785 to get married, which may indicate where his experience and inclinations lay. Long term contrarians, us.

But unlike Traitor-By-Marriage Dunbar, the American Arch Traitor Benedict Arnold V was a BLOOD cousin. (3rd 6 times removed to me... and George Bush etc etc :rolleyes: ). HE, Bad Bad Man, took advantage of his new red coat to raid up and down the Connecticut coast settling old family and personal scores.

On the night of 1 September 1781, he sent a raiding party into West Haven to grab my 80 year old 6X great grandfather Deliverance Painter. Two night sentries and Deliverance were carried off, along with hams, flour, and other robbery-loot (Deliverance had the best danged 'backy in West Haven, up in his attic curing)

Deliverance was SO pissed off--and very aware by then of the inevitable and very short term fates of all imprisoned in the MOST un-Guantanamo-ish "floating Andersonvilles" (really mixing centuries, ain't I?) of the prison hulks in British held New York, that he deliberately overturned ("don't rock ...") the long boat carrying him away, and in full view of the British warship and the entire alarmed town on Stratford Point, took down 11 British sailors (and one of the bound American sentries) with him.

Feisty. Suicidal when ired. Dubious in loyalties save to family. Implacable in resentments. Religiously heterodox. Hmmmmm. And I am SUCH a nice, cuddlesome fellow!!!!


Where on earth did you FIND all this? I had the pension NUMBER, but never an image of the actual approval. Could never find where his regiment was... and assumed, since nobody I have ever talked to had HEARD of him, that Moses Dunbar was our own family Dirty Laundry-- so where did his "bio" come from, too? :cheers:

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Hello Rick,

Document images


Regimental images


I joined the genealogy site(just the american rev part thats $10 a month) a while back and I just joined the footnote site($60 a year). I was looking for a French Canadian by the name of Jean Baptiste Dupere who served in the revolution and the footnote had what I needed. The only problem was that I had to join to see the document pics.

On the footnote site

search thaddeus Rich then click enter

then goto revolutionary pensions on the scroll down list



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Barry: :jumping::cheers: I am constantly amazed at what is OUT THERE, being used to "you have to have the right obscure ancient book on you" for data.

Ed: Technicalities-- it's the "fine print" every time. Unlike Robert E. Lee et cetera later on, Moses had failed to RESIGN his existing commission before getting a NEW one. None of the Connecticut loyalists he raised were hung, only him. They had no "prior paper."

Carried forward the odd two centuries, and then there's cousin John Warnock Hinckley, Junior ALMOST getting an early term for Veep cousin G.H.W. Bush. :rolleyes:

Organ music. Thunder and lightning. Echoing demonic laughter.

But then maybe that's the two generations of ax murderers who produced Reverend "Sinners In The Hands of An Angry God" (STILL creeps me out, from grammar school when Local Education meant.... LOCAL education) Jonathan Edwards and...

Aaron Burr. :unsure:

It's not my fault. It's not, it's noooooooooooooot.

It's genetic. :catjava:

PS I have absolutely NO clue why there ever developed the literary category of "Southern Gothic." NOBODY can beat out weird family trees like New Englanders. Hawthorne tried it... and oddly enough he is the ONLY one of the 19th century Forgotten Authors I am NOT related to.

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