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Bernhard B?ttcher was a former regular Senior Non Commissioned Officer of the Garde-F?silier-Regiment who returned to service on mobilisation in August 1914. Born 20 September 1879 at Trebnitz i.d. Mark he attended the NCO Pre School in Neubreisach. He entered the 7. Kompanie of the Garde-F?silier-Regiment on 1 October 1890 eventually rising to be the Company Sergeant Major of that Company before retiring on 1 April 1910. He was then employed as an official with the firm of A. Borsig in Tegel until mobilized as an Offizier-Stellvertreter with the Ersatz-Bataillon of the Garde-F?silier-Regiment on 2 August 1914. Promoted to Feldwebel-Leutnant on 10.9.14 and to Leutnant der Landwehr 1. Aufgeb. on 19 June 1915 (Patent 22.3.15). At the time of his death he was commanding 5./G.F.R. He was the holder of the EK2.


I think you must have the wrong B?ttcher?



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