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Super legacy for certain => thanks for sharing that one :cheers:

But, yes, yes there is a but on this.

He was a glider pilot before his transfer towards the Marine and that is unusual but not unique (for example our friend Chris Boonzaier has such a legacy in his family).

This person was a civil glider pilot => and not a military glider pilot.

The most normal way he probably went was:

He started gliding early 1930's and was obviously a good glider pilot as he did win the silver C profiency badge.

And yes, i have him listed :

Silver C nr. 382 - Schaefer , Jobst - Kiel

Awarded on: 25.06.1937

Then he went into Marineservice (but as we know such profiency badges could be worn on the uniform - the same iff you where later with the Heer, Luftwaffe or Marine). Offcoarse most of the persons who where civil gldie rpilots or had a interest in flying went towards the Luftwaffe. But not always offcoasre (as we can see prime examples in this thread !!!!).

Persons could offcoarse be already in a branch such as a the Marine or the Heer and win the civil glider certificates. As said, teh A, B, C and Silver C profiency badges are civil awards. Any person (both male and female) could win it if they qualifyed for it in the gliding sport.

During 1942 the Large NSFK glide rpilots badge was established and according towards the rules former holders of the Silver C profiency badge could get this one (see it as a trade). That is probably what happened.

Therefore Gordon => remove that Luftwaffe Glider pilots badge from your display and it does fit (however => im not so certain that the Large NSFK as shown is a original).

Cordial greetings

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Yes the Large NSFK glider pilots abdge as shown in the display is a fake.

The Bachstelze is something special offcoarse but that does not mean he was a luftwaffe glider pilot, other pilots could offcoarse also fly such vehicles :speechless1: (and at this point it is not known wich certificates this soldier did got, i do mean: Civil Glider certificate, military glider certificate, civil motorized pilot certificate, etc ....) => therefore i do say not a military glider pilot untill the other way is prooven 100 %

Cordial greetings,

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Thanks Stijn, I had doubts about the Luft Glider pilot badge. (I had no ideas about the NSFK as political items are of no interest to me). For me, a very rare enough group to a Bachstelze pilot on a Monsun boat ( with also the U-Frontspange in Silver which somehow I have not managed to photograph) !

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Hello Gordon,

My pleasure => it is a very very interesting grouping and i just love that picture of this man. Is the picture yours or ?

Why do i ask? I am currently working with a friend on a article (to be published in the BDOS) about the large NSFK glider pilots badge. We also do present in the article pictures of that badge in wear and this picture is just superb to say at least !!!

Cordial greetings,

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NOT one of the many examples of guys with flying experience in the Luftwaffe who later transferred to U-Boats. This one is the other way around. He was a medical doctor, served on U-Boats and became the pilot of a Bachstelze on one of the Type IX "Monsun" boats.

This is what he flew.

Hi Gordon,

Interesting info about one of the Monsun U-Boat crew that visited my country, Singapore. Thank You very much :)

Attached below is some more related info.


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