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Never trust the story or the reputation .... but the item

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As most of you know, I am selling most of my LW collection for a couple of years now.

I was recommanded to a LW collector specialized in flying equipment who would like to buy some items from me - I made some offers and he s willing to buy them - now, the person is very busy and is not in contact with badges/medals collectors but is ready to buy from me, trusting me ..... which is nice for my ego but if I am 100% honest - specially knowing the militaria environment today, I believe that to be fair I would post everything here for everybody to see, comment and for him to be sure he is doing right and that I have nothing to hide

The deal is not done yet, nothing force me to do it, all items come from my collection, what I am doing here is maybe what I would have liked to have when I started

Your comments are welcome

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B&NL pilot?s badge

Italian pilot?s badges

Rumanian & Croatian cloth

Medal/ribbon bars

Black wound badge

Operational Flight Clasp with ?1800? pendant

Luftwaffe Officer's dagger (can?t comment on the blade engraving)

All look fine to me, F.

As for the EK?s/Bulgarian award, probably best to post them in the appropriate forums for comments?.. but I see no problems.


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All that I familiar enuf to comment on are pre 45 authentic pieces. The Luft, EKs, etc. Very honorable thing you are doing, Francois.

I am patiently waiting for several beautiful treasures of your to 'come on the market'.



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Having also seen Fran?ois' collection on a couple of occasions, I concur with Gordon. There is nothing wrong with any of the items shown here. Fran?ois is not only very knowledgeable but also very cautious and discerning when adding to his collection. He is one of the few serious collectors in his field in France and anyone thinking of buying anything from Fran?ois Saez should have no cause for concern of any kind.


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