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Questions about World War One Trio

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What would be a considered a 'good' ( read that inexpensive) price for a named trio? i found this on ebay,and got to the auction right before it ended,and as a result wasn't able to request more pics of the sides and back of the medals.any opinons would be greatly appreciated


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Hello Scott,

As he was ASC and survived the war I'd say a good price would be ?45. Average price is about ?50 for an ASC survivor and probably about ?20 more if had been a casualty.

Medals to Corps members are usually cheaper than to men in the infantry, cavalry etc. but they seem to be getting more and more expensive.


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Check the name here to find out if the soldier named was killed or not http://www.cwgc.org/cwgcinternet/search.aspx

I went for a medal yesterday awarded to someone with a name I wanted, someone else wanted it too so it cost a bit more than the going rate.

Medals to jock regiments seem to go for more than average too. Also 1.7.16 casualties.

The last trio I bought was a 1914 trio without bar to a member of the ASC and that was about 10 years ago so I'm not always up on the going rate. Your best bet is to keep an eye on ebay.uk or search some medal sites.


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Hi Gents,

Scott I think that is a fair price for an ASC trio - research may increase the value, which is part of the fun with these! I generally have my eye on certain London Regiments, and these tend to go for quite a bit - for example if you are up against someone else who specialises in that regiment then it may well go up to ?100.

I also notice that Cambridge regiment medals tend to go for high prices - what is the logic behind this, glorious military deeds or the Oxbridge connection?



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