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Telephone technician Konrad Prasse was born in 1885, served from 1915 to 1918 with different infantry units, got an

Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse and a Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz. He was KIA in april 1945, most probably as a soldier in the Volkssturm.

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I guess a lot of collectors didn't value the old Hindenburg Cross urkundes as worthy of not being hole punched, but you're right, I don't think anyone would do that any more. I used to have over 200 crosses and over 40 urkundes, but I, on reflection, rather foolishly sold all the hole punched examples, I had grand ambitions of replacing all of them with undamaged examples. I should not have done so :banger:

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Troy — speaking of jealousy — how about many of the items on that German site "weltkriegs-ehrenkreuz.de" — WOW !!!!!

Lambert — I am still liooking for an 'Antrag' document — among other items !

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Here are a few more items of interest —

There are those pesky punch holes on the left :angry: — this is also missing one of the four ribbons added — anyone have a guest which one it might have been?


And the reverse side of the above — it would be nice to have one of these all filled out but I have never seen one —


A couple of books —



The Dust Cover of the above book — too bad there is a piece missing, but I believe the dust cover must be very scarce —


And finally, a small document —


Thats all for now. Actually I don't have many oher paper items.


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Thanks for the tip regarding the Long Service ribbon Lambert; if he served in China and was awarded the EK in WW1 he would have had the number of years in.

I am more than happy to include information for you regarding the two books —

Both books are essentially the same (inside).

'Das Buch' was published in 1935;

'Mein Buch' was published in 1937 and contains eight extra unnumbered pages, for a veteran to fill in with his war memories and photos.

Both books are hardcover and have 112 pages consisting of 32 pages of text and pages 33 to 112 with photos of general views during the war.

In addition to the personal pages in 'Mein Buch' I have also included the three pages of 'Forward' which are common to both books.

The physical size of both is 175mm x 245mm.

The Title page


Beginning of the 8 special pages in "Mein Buch" version —




For the next two pages I have only scanned the first page of each— the second pages of each have no title at the top and is blank except for the decorative border surrounding the space.


There are three pages of the following — the last two are blank except for the decorative border.


Now the three pages of the Forward, which are common to both books.




My only regret is that the pages for the veteran were not filled in — I think it would have been much more interesting if they had been.

Both of these books were purchased in Germany — I did not get them here in Canada. Perhaps if you scour some second-hand bookshops, or ABE.de, one will turn up, although I really don't think they are common considering the destruction suffered during the Second World War and afterwards — keeping these sorts of items was not really a priority for most.



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Here are a couple of presentation items —

The cover of the Presentation folder and the paper promotion sheet inside —



Here's how it looks in the Folder — before being replaced with an Urkunde —


And once replaced — with an actual Urkunde —


I'm not sure if these Folders were for a presentation or if this is how some veterans just kept their certificates.

There was a thin clear acetate sheet provided to cover the certificate and keep it from being soiled.



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Hello all,

The 'Erinnerungslatt' private purchase certificates are double sided and normally one encounters the 'Frontkämpfer' side filled in with the veteran's name and details.

The reverse side is for those awarded a 'Kriegsteilnehmer' cross and show the cross without swords.

These certificates are rareIy encountered (I have had only two — now three, all with the Kriegsteilnehmer side filled in) and I have always believed that these were

the only two crosses represented — that is until today.

I have just received a certificate, with the usual Frontkämpfer side filled in, but was totally surprised and delighted to find the reverse to be for a 'Witwen' award. What a New Years present! :rolleyes:

Now of course, I'm feeling that there must be a 'Eltern' variety as well — and the search is on! :ninja:

And I would naturally like to find examples of all varieties (not just the Frontkämpfer variety) with details filled in.

It would also be nice to have one of these along with the official certificate to the same man.

Here are two scans of this certificate — it was too large to do the whole, so I am providing a smaller scan of the bottom portion.



The size of the certificate is 220 mm x 320mm, which I believe is the full (untrimmed) size.

The certificate is in exceptionally good, clean and untrimmed condition, although the reverse side is just a little faded and very lightly darkened due to the fact that it had been framed and exposed to light for all these years, but those factors are very slight and not at all visually objectionable.

Cheers and Happy New Year to all,


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