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Sorry mate, I may be wrong, but from L-R, the number two medal looks like an Imperial type. If so, I think it should be in front of the KVK, as should the Ehrenkruez für Frontkämpfer. I think the KVK and the Deutsches Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen should be last, at number 3 and 4. I'm sure an Ordensspange collector here could give better advice, but it's a nice bar!

I am positive the medals are in the correct order.;) The regulations were as follows:

Iron Cross 1914/1939

War Merit Cross

Imperial Bravery Awards


Best wishes


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Nice Ordensspange Lambert, and thanks for the link Matt, I spent a lot of time reading it, and I'll have to return to it. Here is one of my EK2/Frontkämpfer Ordensspange

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Hi Matt

At first I always thought it was an EK2 ribbon, and that the white was stained or dirty. I've had it for years and never really looked hard at it, but when I saw it on screen, I did notice it was blue. Is this significant? Here's the rear

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Yes it does look like the EK2 ribbon underneath. I have never seen two separate style of mounting on the same ribbon bar but it does look original. An interesting piece. :cheers:

Best wishes


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Hello! I also have some Hindenburg Crosses which I regard as awesome. I have a question or questions. Did Hindenburg Crosses come with ribbons at that time? I've seen this Cross with cases but no ribbons. I also heard? seen Crosses with triangular ribbons from or like Austria. Did all makers of this cross supply this Austrian type of ribbons? Also I came across this matter that this Hindenburg Cross was awarded by application? People applied for this medal?

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Hallo Hzenba and welcome to this forum.

I´ll try to answer your questions as best as I can,

All Hinderburg crosses came with a ribbon . same ribbon for fighter cross and non fighters and another for Widows and Parents

The cases was privately bought but contained no ribbons , the cross was just delivered in a paper with a piece of ribon.

And if you were from Austria you could have a triangular ribbon made for you in your own country style.

All theese crosses have to be applied for from 1934 until early 1940s

If you are interested please see my homepage www.bayoswede.se

there you will find a lot of pics and info about the crosses


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Hello all,

Just thought I would post an image of my early Christmas gift obtained at a military show here in Toronto recently.


I was very excited to obtain it and believe this CANADIAN issued Frontkämpfer Urkunde is rare! :jumping:

Note that the certificate (and medal) were issued to ILLIG while he was living in Toronto and that the issuing authority is


I would be very interested in hearing if anyone else has such a certificate issued in another country other than Germany.

Johann ILLIG probably came to Canad between 1923 and 1930 and lived in Toronto with his wife, Anna. She was Canadian born (in Neustadt, Ontario), but of German descent.

Johann was born in 1895; Anna was born in 1897. I don't have death dates for them as yet.

The Certificate is signed by Dr. Ludwig KEMPFF (1872-1937), German Consul in Montreal, Canada from 1921 to 1937. The office was located at 317 Keefer Building in Montreal.

Ludwig Kempff was born in Altenessen in the Rheinland and was a career diplomat of the old school. He was the top ranking German diplomat in Canada from 1933 to 1937.

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Hello all,

Here is an interesting small certificate —

size — 182 mm x 235 mm

printed by — Jankord & Elchberg, Reckenfeld, North Rhine / Westphalia.

It may have been slightly trimmed, but probably not too much.


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Thanks Christer, I appreciate your reply.

Did you also see my other Post (at the bottom of Page 11) showing my Canadian issued Frontkämpfer certificate?


Yes , the Canadian one was a real thriller, first I ever saw


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Greetings, Christerd,

Will be interesting to see the earliest dated example - you've got me beat!

My earliest

— Eltern — 25 Nov 1934

— Frontk — 1 Dez 1934

— Witwen — 26 Feb 1935

— Kreigst — 1 Jun 1935

My latest

— Frontk — 17 Jul 1940


I think I got you ... at least concerning the Frontkämpfer! My earliest Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer dates from 10.10.1934. Awarded to fitter Jakob Pöllen in Krefeld.

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