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Private Andrey Leontyevich Kolesnik

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And the translation.

Record card

Order book No Б 651745

1. Last name: KOLESNIK

2. First, middle names: Andrey Leontyevich

3. Military rank: private

4. Sex: Male

5. Year of birth: 1925

6. Place of birth: Vinnitsa region, Sitkovetsky district, Vasilyevka village

7. Party membership since: Non- party

8. Education: 7 grades

9. Nationality: Ukrainian

10. In the Red Army since: May 1944

11. Place of service (name of the unit) and position occupied when awarded: 53rd tank regiment, 69th mechanized brigade ? submachine gunner

12. Current place of service and position: 112th detached motor cycle battalion, 19th mechanized division ? junior tank mechanic

13. Home address of the awardee: Vinnitsa region, Sitkovetsky district, Vasilyevka village

14. Record of previous awards

Names of orders, medals Their numbers Document numbers Ground for award


For Courage 2140084 Д-784940 Order to 53rd tank regiment No 03/ N of February 22, 1945

*Order of Glory 3rd class 406715 Temp. cert. Ж-052639 Order to 9th mechanized corps No 096/N of May 14, 1945

*Ground: Reg.717037, file 3478, page 339.

Signature of awardee (signed) ________________________

Data correctness

and signature of awardee Commander of 112th motor cycle battalion

attested by: Major (signed) /Shakhmeister/

June 7, 1947

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ORDER No 17065

to 53rd Tank Regiment, 69th mechanized Proskurov holding Order of the Red Banner Brigade

February 22, 1945 № 03/N Acting Army

In the name of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Soviet Union, awarded are:


9. KOLESNIK Andrey Leontyevich, submachine gunner, Red Army man, for the fact that being in the fights for MOKRAU village he personally annihilated 3 wagons and 12 enemy soldiers and officers.

Born in 1925, Ukrainian, non-party member, education ? 7 grades, in the Red Army since 1943. Home address: Vinnitsa region, Sidkovetsky district, Vasilyevka village.

Commander of the 53rd Tank Regiment

Major (signed) /MOROZ/

Written in five copies

1 ? 4 co No 5 ? to unit file

Executor V.S. February 22, 1945

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And the translation:


1. First, middle and last names Kolesnik Andrey Leontyevich

2. Rank Red Army man

3. Position, unit Submachine gunner of Intelligence platoon, 53rd tank regiment, 69th Mechanized Proskurov holding order of the Red Banner brigade.

Is recommended for order of the Patriotic War of the 2d class

4. Year of birth 1925

5. Nationality Ukrainian

6. Party membership Non-party

7. Participation in the civil war and other military actions aimed at the defense of the USSR (where and when) 1st Ukrainian front since October, 1944

8. Wounds or contusions received None

9. In the Red Army since 1943

10. Drafted by what district military commissariat Sidkovetsky district military commissariat, Vinnitsa region

11. Previous awards None

12. Permanent home address Vinnitsa region, Sidkovetsky district, Vasylyevka village

During regiment operations since April 16, 1945, comrade Kolesnik proved to be a brave and courageous intelligence man.

In field protection he used tanks of the intelligence platoon to rush unexpectedly into enemy?s disposition, killing the enemy and destroying its equipment with submachine gun fire and grenades.

During capture of Egsdorf, Gross Makhnov, Stammlager, Berlin outskirts Marienfelde and Lichterfelde, and during street fighting in Berlin, he and a group of other intelligence men were the first to rush into enemy?s disposition, killing Hitlerites hiding in cellars and attics.

In these battles comrade Kolesnik personally killed up to 20 German submachine gunners and panzerfausters.

Taking part in the rash attack on Prague, Czechoslovakia capital, and heading toward the city, he destroyed 3 motor-cars and took 18 German prisoners.

For efficient and determined actions in battle intelligence, for valour and courage in fighting with the enemy he deserves the government award, order of the Patriotic War, 2nd cl.

Commander of the 53rd Tank regiment

Guards Lieutenant Colonel (signed) /Moroz/

May 11, 1945

Deserves the government award, order of Patriotic War, 2nd cl.

Commander of 69th Mechanized Proskurov holding order of the Red Banner and the order of Suvorov of the 2d class brigade

Guards Colonel (signed) /Vaganov/

May 11, 1945

Hereby I award with government award - order of Glory, 3rd cl.

Commander of the 9th Mechanized Kiev ??? holding order of the Red Banner and the order of Suvorov corps.

Guards Lieutenant-General (signed) /Sukhov/

May 13, 1945

Awarded with the order of Glory, 3rd cl.

Under order to the 9th Mechanized corps №096/N of May 14, 1945

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Oh yeah !!!

This is my field of collection. The battle for Berlin ! :jumping::jumping::jumping:

It seems he was in the first group to rush for Berlin! On his way to Berlin, he went through Stammlager Zossen, where the Oberkommandos des deutschen Heeres (OKH) was headquartered!!! The OKH exercised command of the Eastern Front and it was independent from the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW) - Wehrmacht Supreme Command of the Armed Forces. So he might have seen the bunker or the barracks that was in Stammlager. :speechless1:

Stammlager Bunker

Stammlager Barracks

Rushing his way south of Berlin he then arrived in Marienfelde and Lichterfelde to be sent to Prague with Marshall Koniev!

Here is a map of Berlin where he has fought. These guys must have been very disappointed not to take part into the rush to the Reichstag.

Receiving a research like that is encouraging me to research more and more from my awards!

If you EVER wish to sell or exchange this medal, please keep me in mind! :rolleyes:

I like Soviet things related to the battle of Berlin. :)


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