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Medal bar Quiz. Who and what am I?

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I have this medal bar in my collection since several years. It is a good example of different possibilities and varieties of imperial German medal bars.

The questions are

- what ribbons/decorations are or should be on the bar

- to whom does it belong

Have fun.


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Hello Bernd:

A very interesting bar indeed! It is certainly strange to see the "NAN=HUNG=MEN" bar for the campaign in China on the DSWA campaign ribbon! I'm sure that he was probably involved in both campaigns. It seems as though he never got his China campaign medal mounted and simply lumped all of the overseas campaign stuff together in this manner.

Congratulations on having such a nice bar!

Could you also post a photo of the reverse?

Best regards,


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Pre-world war for

Generalmajor aD Walter von Sch?nberg (1861-1926)

1) Red Eagle 4 X (Not wearing X to trick us, bad bad original wearer, Trick Number 1)

2) Prussian Crown Order 3

3) Prussian XXV

4) Southwest Africa Medal 1904-06 in steel (Adjutant 5th Infantry Division-- never left home)

5) China Medal 1900-1901, "Nan Hung Men" confirmed by unit assignment in II. See-Bataillon there--note this appears to be the 1870 War Medal steel noncombatant ribbon :speechless1: being used as "nobody will notice" :rolleyes: Trick Number 2)

6) 1897 Wilhelm I Centenary Medal

7) Oldenburg House Order 3bX

8) Saxe-Weimar White Falcon Order 3bX (yes X see comment below: Trick Number 3)

9) W?rttemberg Friedrich Order 3a WITHOUT Xs (placed here since could not FIT on above-- Trick Number 4)

10) Mecklenburg Commemorative Medal 1897

11) Italian Order of the Crown-Officer (no rosette, Trick Number 5)

12) Chilean Merit Decoration

He also had off-medal-bar

Johanniter Order-Rechtsritter (neck & breast cross) and Anhalt Albert the Bear-Commander 2nd.

During the war his Crown Order 3rd was removed for a Crown Order 2X, and he also got a Red Eagle Order 2ndX with black-white 2 triped ribbon indicating the REO4X here.

Tricksy bar, but the Research Gnomes have made many blood sacrifices for our Forbidden Knowledge. :rolleyes:

SekLt 11.9.83


Hauptmann 27.1.97 T4t

major 27.1.05 S2s

Oberstleutnant 27.1.12 Cc

Oberst 22.3.14 Mm

Generalmajor 18.6.17 B

Uniform of Inf Rgt 49 while Adjutant of the 5th Inf Div. Next, Staff of Anhalt Inf Rgt 93, and when the war began, commander of Fusilier Regiment 39. Ended the war as commander of 33rd Infantry Division.

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Congratulations Rick. Nearly perfect. It is Walter von Sch?nbergs pre WWI bar.

The clasp Liang-Hsiang-Hsien is removed from the bar.

The Oldenburg House Order is with crown and swords.

The Order of the Crown 3. class was not removed for the 2. class with x during WWI as far as I know.


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