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Early as it gets?

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This is a pass for guy in the reichswehrminiterium, Abteilung U7 (Abw).

I think the Abw. is for Abwehr?

He was working to repatriate many thousands of Russian POWs, at the same time gather info from them and at the same time stopping them from pulling any Bolchy tricks.

Hauptmann d.L. Franz Mensch... a highly educated man.

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Mister Spock! :speechless1:

Is that hand signed by Noske? Oooooooooooooooooooooo. :jumping:

Yes, Abwehr. :rolleyes:

Mensch was apparently Hptm dL before the war, with XX Yrs Svc Cross, in Landwehrbezirk VI Berlin.

Signed off by Major Karwiese, who retired as an Oberstleutnant. Before the war in Section C1 (Ersatzwesen) of the War Ministry-- commander Inf Rgt 77 during the war.

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