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Idi Amin VC Medals


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I have just read the post on Saddams medals and when reading that thought about Idi Amin for some reason. I did a search here in case it had already been covered but got nothing, also on Google there's plenty of stuff but nothing specific.

I would like to know what he had (other than his Ugandan Victorious Cross) and if any one knows the whereabouts of them. I know he was a despot but its his Orders, medals etc I'm interested in.

Chronology of Amin's military promotions

King's African Rifles

1946 Joins King's African Rifles

1947 Private

1952 Corporal

1954 Effendi (Warrant Officer)

1961 First Ugandan Commissioned Officer, Lieutenant

Uganda Army

1962 Captain

1963 Major

1964 Deputy Commander of the Army

1965 Colonel, Commander of the Army

1968 Major General

1971 Head of State

Chairman of the Defence Council

Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces

Army Chief of Staff and Chief of Air Staff

1975 Field Marshal

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Yes he did, like the VC he copied the Victoria Cross and got it awarded to himself but obviously even he couldn't call it that so its a Uganda Victorious Cross, most of his medals are self awarded but thats no different to just about every other head of state.

I know lots of Royalists will probably disagree here but:

For instance, H.M. Queen Elizabeth gives all her family RVO's or and KMG, KG, KT etc I'm getting into murky waters that I don't wish to tread in but you'll notice when Prince Charles was married he had 2 non operational medals now he's got about 8 ...What are they for? How is getting medals off your Mum or Cousins (other Royal households) any worse than Idi?

Before anyone starts I know there were a few Royals in Europe who earned their medals in various Wars, WWll Prince Philip and Mountbatten and even Andrew in the South Atlantic etc ... but the rest hand outs.

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Actually, the 'Royal' medal that amuses me the most is the Canadian Forces Decoration worn by Prince Charles - awarded in 2002 for long service as an honorary colonel-in-chief of several Canadian regiments!

His medal bar currently consists of: -

1. The Queen's Service Order (New Zealand)

2. Coronation Medal

3. Silver Jubilee Medal

4. Golden Jubilee Medal

5. Canadian Decoration

6. The New Zealand Commemorative Medal

Another amusing one is worn by Princess Anne. In 1953 as a badly-behaved 3-year old she was not allowed to attend her mother's Coronation, while her elder brother went along and was duly awarded 'his first medal' - the Coronation one. Pictures taken at the time show the 2 of them in white outfits, him wearing the gong and her not... a bone of contention at the time, I believe. Only now, when in uniform, she wears one... :rolleyes:

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Back on topic . . .

I have been in e-mail contact with Idi Amin Dada's son and he does not possess a list of his late father's awards or know where they are today.

He is trying to find some information or even more detailed pictures.

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The Ugandan Victorious Cross is described as being in the form of the Victoria Cross, but the obverse bearing a bust of Idi Amin and the legend "For God and my Country", and the reverse with central Arms of Uganda and the legend "For Supreme Valour" below.

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Most of the breast stars seem to have been awarded by other states. Hope to get a partial list from the images David found. At first glance, I see Jordan, Central African Empire/Republic, Libya, and others.

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Back on topic . . .

I have been in e-mail contact with Idi Amin Dada's son and he does not possess a list of his late father's awards or know where they are today.

He is trying to find some information or even more detailed pictures.

My God Ed! How do you do it? Barry, Thank you for the great photos.

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And last the Republic of Uganda Medal, also made by Spink & Son.

Werlich wrote in his book: "It is believed that this medal will be awarded primarily to those supporters of General Amin, who were imprisoned by former President Obote".

Don?t know if this is correct ?

By the way - "The last king of Scotland" is a very good film :cheers:

But if you want to see the real Amin, try to get Barbet Schroeder`s film "General Idi Amin Dada - a Self Portrait". I`ve got the DVD and it is great. The filmmusic was by Idi Amin Dada himself :jumping:

After the film was released, Idi Amin threatened to harm 150 French citizen living in Uganda if certain cuts were not made. Schroeder agreed to remove 2 Minutes and 21 Seconds of the film, but once Amin was out of power the cuts were restored!



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The Time photo - interesting to see that he wears the non-combat jump blue backing to his Israeli inspired para wings rather than the red combat jump backing (assuming the backings followed Israeli practise).

I know he did'nt jump at the Mitla Pass but I would have thought he would have preferred the higher status backing colour.

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What was the Uganda medal awarded for? Is this medal still in the Ugandan inventory for medals that can be currently awarded? I really like the "Last King of Scotland". I will definitely have to check out "General Idi Amin Dada - a Self Portrait". When was it released?

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