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Sierra Leone Independence Medal 1961


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I am looking for an image, obverse and reverse of this medal - I've tried OMSA, Google, Yahoo, etc., but to date no success. The obverse is the head of the Queen and the reverse is the arms of Sierra Leone - ribbon is a combination (three equal stripes?) of blue, green and white. I need this for a submission to JOMSA - full acknowledgment will be given.

Yours in hope,

Owain Raw-Rees

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Thanks Megan. I am drafting an article on those awards made to various parties during and after the civil war and it appears that following the conclusion of fighting the President awarded some independence medals - and these are being worn by a few UK personnel - I have seen a modern group including this medal. As to the how and why my contacts are still chasing...........



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A belated thanks for this image. The image looks a litte "weak" - is it a composite image of a ribbon added to another independence medal obverse?



Dear Owain,

It is the photo representing the Original medal suspended from the original ribbon.

I don't remember from where I took the photo (I think from Spink but I'm not sure) and it is so little because the photo from which I took this medal contained 5 more independence medals.

I cannot attach this to the forum because it is about 126 KB.

Best Regards


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Mega, Lilo, et al,

At the recent DNW Auction I managed to get an example of the SLI medal - perhaps not as cheap as I had anticipated at GBP260 + hammer, but nonetheless it is a nice piece and of the standard independence format. I attach images of the obverse and reverse for your attention.

Kind regards,


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