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Some new ribbon bars / W?rttemberg

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Dear forumites,

Here are some of my brother Marco's new purchases. At last he could find the quite uncommon wreath device of W?rttemberg. I think that the last ribbon bar from the top could be researchable, since the wearer of the bar a career officer was with many interesting decorations from different states (W?rttemberg, Hessen, Prussia and Austro-Hungarian Empire).

Any inputs or comments are very appreciated.



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Group data base only being built for Prussians... all the rest is painful line by line by line....

There were only FOUR Saxon officers who got a WV4X, although there were 2 Prussian officers in Saxon units who did, and a 7th Saxon officer who got the Waldeck but I cannot find any Albert for. Only ONE of these, however, got more than one Waldeck award, so the double is unique!

G?RNER, Johannes: SA3bX as KS Lt dR in KS Feldart Rgt 32 on 31.8.16 and WV4X same on 4.3.18, and WgVM X 3.7.16 as Vizewachtmeister, (KS) Feldart Rgt 32.

The W?rttembergs will take much more time to sift through.

You may tell Marco that I am eligible for adoption. I don't eat much, and I am relatively tidy. All I need is a little room to be alone with those ribbon bars. :rolleyes:

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OK, I'm back. ALL of the awards data is from the work that Daniel is doing on W?rttemberg!

Bottom ribbon bar=

Oberstleutnant aD Theodor WOLLAIB of KW Feldartillerie Regiment 13 (ending the war in command of the regiment)

born Ulm 16 January 1871

died 13 March 1922

entered W?rttemberg army as Fahnenjunker 1.10.90

Leutnant 11.12.91

Oberleutnant 22.7.00

Hauptmann 11.9.07

Major 27.1.15 J5i

charkterisiert Oberstleutnant aD

EK2 1914

WM3 16.10.15 REPLACING a WK3X awarded on 21.5.15: Major, KW FAR 13

WK3XmL 20.2.17 for the SECOND time (see above): same rank and unit

HOH3X: 13.6.18 same rank and unit

HT 23.7.15 same rank and unit (these are the Wtbg Personal Nachrichten publication dates)

?M3K 12.7.15 same rank and unit




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W?rttemberg Doctor with Tyrolean service 2nd from top is trickier. There were 8 with the WM3 and ?FJ3K. Three can be removed for having other awards.

Not being precisely sure which of the remaining had Friedrich Orders which were NOT replaced by Military Merit Orders (I do not have Daniel's ongoing work on that madness)

Oberarzt dR Dr. Ernst J?ger

WF3bX 27.5.16 as AA dR in Gebirgs Bataillon (NOT replaced?)

WM3 18.10.18 as OA dR in Gbgs Rgt

?FJ3K 13.6.18 as the same

Oberarzt dR Dr. Rudolf Landerer

WF3bX 3.2.15 (replaced?)

WM3 22.7.17

?FJ3K 15.9.17 all as OA dR in Fus Rgt 122

Oberarzt dR Dr. Adolf Lenz

no Friedrich listed during the war

WM3 31.8.18 as OA dR in Gbgs Rgt

?FJ3K 13.6.18 same

regular army Stabsarzt Dr. Rudolf Mutschler

born 1886

WF3bX 25.2.15 (not replaced?) as OA & Adj of a Kriegs Lazarett Direktot

WM3 24.4.18 as SA Fus Rgt 122

?FJ3K 15.9.17 same


but the only exact match is

Oberarzt dR Dr. Walter STEMMER

WF3bX 25.2.15 as AA dR San Komp 2 (replaced?)WM3 29.12.17 as OA dR in Gbgs Bn

WM3 29.12.17 as OA dR in Gbgs Bn

?FJ3K 13.6.18 same


?RK2K 18.4.18 same

has the best chance of being the wearer. Daniel will have to confirm the demented awards/withdrawals/RE-bestowals data which I don't have.

Meanwhile I cry myself to sleep every night with a dozen or so groups I cannot identify of my own, including one with no less than 13 WW1 awards. :banger:

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Today I got up with the hope that you guys (Rick & Daniel) would find something interesting for my brother... and you did come up with two names! :beer::beer::beer: That's incredible... the Waldeck spange was a bit difficult to find on a dealer's table... so small, but so great!!! I was surprised to see the two W?rttemberg ribbon bars still laying on a table, since I arrived the next day... I am sorry Paul! Next time you will be more lucky ;) . But you also did find some nice stuff.

Usually my brother is very skeptical about any ribbon or medal bar, but with that 2 W?rttemberg bars we had no second thoughts. The only thing I didn't like about Wollaib's ribbon bar is the absence of any backing fabrich on the reverse, but this is quite normal for W?rttemberg's bars; the Svabians (Schwaben) are known to save money where they can... like we Swiss!



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