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The WORST OPW2 Ever Awarded!

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Here it is, sorry for the delay...

Name: Aleksandr ?. (Erased)

Rank: Captain of Quartermasters Service

Position: The Head of Financial Department of 98th Independent Red Banner Tank Regiment

Born: 1913

Nationality: Russian

Party membership: None

Participation in the war: Since June 26, 1941 on Western Front and Leningrad Front

Wounds: Heavily wounded on July 24, 1941

Previous awards: Medal ?For the defense of Leningrad?

During his two-year term of his service within the unit, comrade XXX spent lots of time and personal energy to organize the financial work in the Regiment in a best possible way. For his good organizational efforts he was granted with money awards several times. For his great results in the overfulfilment of the financial plan and his achievements in the depository plan he was granted with wrist watches. During the period of battles in January 1944 assault operations and battles on Karelian peninsula comrade XXX carefully monitored the human losses of the regimental personnel and did all paperwork about this issue on time. He promptly sent the notification letters to the families of dead heroes, so they can immediately started to receive their pensions (payments). Many times he personally came to the front lines to regulate financial issues with military personnel.

He deserves the state award of the Red Star order.

Commander of the 98th Independent Red Banner Tank Regiment Lt. Colonel Barilov.

August 13, 1944

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