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Type 3 var 1 ORS

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Got this little gem - its a nice low number 526189. Looks like late 1943 to early 1944? From my meager research its a Type 3 var 1 (?) What was captivating for me is the "provenance", no research, but the slight dings to the deep blood red enamel and the centerpiece being polished repeatedy to the point that the face of the soldier is nearl missing...to me it speaks of a long history.

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When Evil Ricky went through his Soviet phase he had several of the "dimpled reverse" type-- which I had never seen before, and have none this variety myself.

From the number, an April-May 1943 award and probably as good as a 1945 Red Banner for its citation. "Award inflation" hadn't set in this early, so awards from before mid-1943 really still MEANT something.

Go for the research!

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