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P08 byf 41


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Hi Ronny,

always nice to see an untouched Luger or Pistole 08. This one seems to have the original blue, that?s especially fine when you have the weapon with matching numbers. So don?t reblue parts !

The #655 means, that the acceptance inspection has been made directly in the Mauser factory in Oberndorf and in ?41.

Any history behind this puppy ?

Nice find !



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Hi Flyingdutch,

Thanks for the information.

The gun is from Norway and if I remember

Correct it was given to a Swedish police man after the war,

It was in his possession to his death. The gun was sold to a

Local gun dealer where I found it five-six years ago.

I will try to do some more research.

I have no plan on re-blue it.. speechless1.gif

All my collecting guns are matching numbers so fare,

(All unsure.gif I only have three guns and one rifle) rolleyes.gif

But if I find a stg 44 I might make an exception jumping.gif

Adding some more pictures,

The P08 kit.



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Thanks byf and Flying.D. beer.gif

Flying.D what did you hunt in Norrk?ping?

Thanks for your kind words for my country.

I will try to take decent some pics of my

Mauser Hsc, Walter PP and byf K98

Cheers and have a nice weekend.


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