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small grouping - Cholmshield, obtained from the veteran

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Hello dear forumfriends,

I am proud to present 2 pieces that where obtained by me directly from the veteran who earned these awards in the battle of Cholm.

I had the honour to visit 9 veterans in the past 3 days and here is a piece from a small grouping that i could obtain. These pieces did belong towards a glider pilot who landed in Cholm. He landed in March 1942 and was then involved in some very heavy fighting inside Cholm.

He wad for example involved in some close combat days, he did do a voluntary mission to blow up a very a anoying Russian bunker, he survived a russian breakthrough when in his bunker and the German lines where pierced, etc ...

This Glider pilot was wounded twice inside Cholm, but was never more then a few hours in the hospital. The last time a shrapnel did go through his uniofm and did continue its way ove rhis whole back. He was hurt and did feel a very warm thing passing by but the schrapnel did not hit any vital things, spine or something else.

Therefor ehe was awarded the here shown black wound badge.

He survived the Cholmbattle and did some otehr crazy things to end up at the end of the war with heavely brun wounds (a part of his fingers where burnt off !!!) and he lost his eyesight when his fw. 190 was shot down.

He is still in good health (92 years old) and was happy to talk about his experience. Here are the pieces he still got:

* Cholmshield (Zink type - 4 prongs)

* Wound badge - black

Amongst the other things i did receive where:

* Lw. dagger - 2 nd. model

* His officers belt with a HSC Mauser holster still attached.

Enjoy + thanks for looking,

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He was commisioned as a officer at the end of 1943 - that was also directly his final rank: Leutnant. (he started the war as a Flieger and rose towards the officers grade !!!!)

He earned the following awards during WWII.

* Glider pilots badge (1941)

* EK 2 (Cholm mission)

* EK 1

* Cholmshield

* Wound badge black (Cholm mission)

* Wound badge Gold (loss of his eyesight + heavy wounds on his hands)

* Pilots badge (1944)

* Frontflight clasp - transporter / bronze

Cordial greetings,

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