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There seems to be several Bayern Jubillee medals that use the same red ribbon with green edging. I find the Prinzregent Luitpold-Medaille 1905, the 1905 Armee Jubillee and 2 other Jubillee medals. My question is how where the awarded. Is it possible to find several of these on the same ribbon bar. The Prinzregent Luitpold-Medaille 1905 was awarded the Navy officers from bayern, but only to officers and when?

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Civil servants had an all red ribbon, while the army had the small green edged one for THEIR jubilee medal of 1905.

The military version 1911 jubilee medal, freakishly, uses the civil version 1905 medal, so an ARMY/Bavarian-nationals 1911 jubilee has a big crowned shield on back with "1905" rather than the long army inscription of 1905 or

duhhhhh :speechless:

a NEW 1911 reverse.

Only one MILITARY jubilee could be worn, since holders of the 1905 did not get it again in 1911. (There were unit-specific versions with a crown for special awards in 1909 and 1911, but they had to REPLACE their 1905s with that).

1905 Medal with crowned 1905 reverse on red ribbon = for civilians

1905 Medal with long inscription reverse on green edged ribbon = all career military personnel past 1st term draft service for enlisted men, retired officers, specific award holders from 1870 and so on

1911 Medal with civilian 1905 reverse on 1905 army ribbon = for career military personnel who did NOT have the 1905 and Bavarian "nationals" in the navy and colonial forces

1918 Wedding commemorative token dated Christmas 1918, with ring affixed after Ludwig III"s funeral in 1921, worn on M1905 military ribbon by recipients of all types.

When you see TWO "1905 jubilees" it is because the wearer had a military 1905 or 1911 and the Weimar period 1918/21 medal--

This annoyingly unidentified Bavarian nobleman has a 1905 or 1911 military jubilee medal, a 1920s bronze Rupprecht Medal, the post-war "Christmas 1918" medal, and the actual OFFICIAL 1918 Hochzeit Medal. .

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