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Has globalization found a time machine?

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Can't be any rarer than this: A Queen's South Africa to the 4th Hussars, scroll suspender and clasp NorthWest Frontier 1908.

Dear me, all the colonies look alike. You've seen one colonial expedition you've seen them all.

(And yet Mausers captured in South Africa were sent to the Northwest Frontier. If stolen, government ammuintion would be useless.)

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As amazed as I am that someone would concoct this unholy mule, as amazed as I am that they would then have the gall to try to sell it (even on eBay), I am even more amazed that some fool woupod spend good money on it (at the last I saw, it stood at ?46). Why would someone spend this money on something like this and not think to spend even a few pounds on a refernce book?!

Paging Mr., Barnum, paging Mr. Barnum, . . . .

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I'm used to seeing IGS 1908 medals with impossible clasps to unit, but the chances of a 4th Hussars QSA being in an Indian market are pretty slim.

If it was just a case of putting a suspender on a disk only medal, I would think something WWII would be cheaper and closer to the original.

Beats me.

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