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Well..........bad news! The bar isn't what it should be.Rule Nr.1-make your homework and never decide in a hurry! The first red flag should have been the seller Cetra2003.This is one of the accounts of our well known "Raritaetensammlerclub".

I knew that and had it simply forgotten.This XXXXard is always buying medal bars that you can find later at Cetra2003!

To the EK-It really looks like this people have taken an original Godet core to make their cast copies.The obverse is pretty good in this case,but the reverse shows some loss in the quality.Especially the crown and the surface of the oakleafes shows their problem with the cast! And another thing-if you are making a copy like this(in the same way,of course) you loose size!

The core details are a bit smaller than at the original. Later today when the light is better I will take some good pics of that cross.


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I'm assuming you didn't include the frame in your measurements... so what are the measurements you used to compare your EK to and at what exact points on the core were these measurements taken from?

You haven't convinced me yet that you have a bad one, but I agree that in the reverse photo you've posted, the finish on the oakleaves and crown don't look quite as they should. I am also very keen to see the reverse in better lighting conditions.



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