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Thanks for your comment. However, there is one thing I don't understand. How can the cross be early but with a late pin attachment?

By early but not the earliest, would you place it in the sixties or seventies?

I'd agree, not an early piece. The pin and quality of finish speak to a reasonable quality mid-late production piece (seems like matt finish to the reverse face rather than polished) The terminology used for 57 pieces on some forums is entirely collector "invented" and thus rather spurious. Likewise it has been pointed out often enough by German collectors well aware of the regulkations for these pieces that there is in fact no such thing as "genuine or "fake" 1957 pieces. Any item, even if made by your next door neighbour tomorrow, if it fits the official criteria in terms of design and materials is a "genuine" 1957 type. Modern made "57ers" are certainly NOT desirable, but no matter what you might read elsewhere, they are not fake, just crap.

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Guest Darrell

I would tend to agree Joe. Plus having the same reverse hardware as war time pieces. Someone a while back managed to snag a '57er that had all the frame flaws and reverse hardware of Deumer piece. Very rare.

Other than those "types", I would think most agree this type below with this reverse hardware is considered "early":

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As has already been stated, a good mid produced piece. A nice EK.

As regards what Gordon has said, I agree with his comments. S&L are still selling a limited range of 57 items, including the EKs, but believe me when I say that the quality is so poor you wouldn't even put it in a Christmas cracker !! There are also some cast 'copies' of 57 items out there, which are generally fairly easy to spot, and these I personally do refer to as fakes.

Darrell may possibly be referring the two EK1s that I have. One is marked L/11, the other unmarked although clearly a Deumer. Both have the flaws associated with wartime Deumers, although they don't show up to well in these shots. For reference, attached are some photos of them.

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Thanks for all replies guys. My EK1 appears to be of good quality manufacture, I compared it to my wartime EK1 26. It even has some frosting on the frame, so I would say it's definetly not of the late production. It's not as nice as a wartime EK but still a very nice piece which looks good in a 57 collection.

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