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New Modern Group

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Here is a modern British Group I just got my hands on.

GSM with NI Bar - named K Simpkin RCT

1st Gulf with Jan-Feb 1991 Bar - named K Simpkin RCT

UN Bosnia Medal

Accumulated Campaign Service Medal - named K Simpkin AGC (SPS)

NATO Medal for Kosova

The group also came with a bundle of paperwork relating to his service. He was attached to 7th Armoured during the Gulf Campaign.


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I appreciate this group a I served at the same time and we have basicaly the same medals give or take one or two. It's a weird conception for me that collectors today, collect these ! My modern junk is another mans joy..strange laugh.gif

I was attached to 7th Armoured also in the 1990/91 Gulf episode also being a Corps. We all mostly were, I don't know what you know about this guy but the RCT changed in around '93 to the RLC, Royal Logistic Corps, this made some unhappy soldiers at the time various Corps being associated with each other under one cap badge.

He was then badged AGC a new formation again, this would be as of the subsequent changes in and around '93 or so also, in the RCT his role I would have expected to have been that of a AGC capacity of some sorts (maybe a clerk or the likes), these guys wore the Regiment or Corps badge and beret they were attached to at the time.

He's not been out that long to get the Jubilee medal, very tarnished looking medals for two to three years.

A nice group and testament to a career.



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