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WWII Group

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Here is a nice long service group.

39-45 Star

France/Germany Star

Defence Medal

War Medal

Territorial Efficiency Medal - named BDR J Selbie RA

Fire Brigade Long Service Medal - named Sub Officer John Selbie

I had never seen a group with a Fire Brigade Medal before.


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The Fire Brigade LSM is not that uncommon to WWII soldiers, the requirement being 20 years service in a career OR volunteer brigade. Many of these guys, as with the vets here in the US, got very involved in their communities after the war. So anyone with qualifying service after 1954 (when the Queen's medal was created) should have one. What I believe has perhaps saved your group is the named Territorial Medal. I think many Fire Brgade medals have been stripped from the un-named WWII medals and sold over the years, an activity common to named military awards also.

Thanks for posting the photo.


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Firemedals, Thanks for that useful info. I don't know much about these medals at all.

Rick, All they have are the Rank and Name of the person. Much like the Special Constabularly Long Service medals. Although they only have a name - no rank. It can make them a bugger to trace.


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That's a shame!!! At least they could bear the YEAR of issue, assuming there is some sort of annual bestowal list published somewhere? (I should be the planet's Awards Procedures & design Czar, really I should). No provisions for additional years service bars?

That is an impressive looking award, and one that I have never seen over here-- the "Lenin" ribbon would certainly have caught my eye. beer.gif

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One of the bugbears abour Police & Fire Brigade LS Medals is that they are only show rank and name, no reference to the force or brigade, and no warrant or service number, which as said make them a nightmare to trace.

There are no annual bestowal list either although the Royal Mint names the medals so they may have a central reference list, but I doubt it. Therfore each force or brigade will hold the records.

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