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An Irish lad died in Flanders Fields....

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My mother's uncle, Michael Lavelle, was killed in World War I while serving with the Royal Dublin Fusiliers in Belgium.

Can anyone tell me what type of information might be avaialble on him by contacting the British archives or Records Office?

I apologize, but I have no experience at all in reseearching something like this (as opposed to American service personnel).

Many thanks!

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Hello Bill,

I'm quite inexperienced in this field but the PRO at Kew should have his service records unless his was amongst the 60% (?) destroyed during the blitz. They are known as the burnt records as far as I know. Here's the National Archives website http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/.

You can download his medal index card here http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documen...y=*&queryType=1 but it isn't for free, ?3.50 I think.

There are people here who will know a lot more about this than I do but you might be able to find something yourself on the NA site.

I've just had a look on the CWGC. Was he killed at the beginning of 3rd Ypres and has no known grave?


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Guest Andrew Hesketh

Michael Lavelle, Private 26700, 8th Royal Dublin Fusiliers, born in and resident of Monaghan, enlisted Chester, killed in action, 16/08/1917. 7 men, including Lavelle, died that day in the RDF. (Source, Soldiers Died in the Great War)

His medal card is here: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documen...1&resultcount=1

8th RDF was part of 48th Brigade, 16th (Irish) Division.

Apart from the tips given by Tony, you might be interested in seeing the battalion War Diary, which is held by the National Archives in series WO95.

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Thank you for all of the help, gentlemen!

I downloaded the medal card, and it is rather curious.

There are actually cards for six "Michael Lavelle"'s on the page. TWO of them were in the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, and neither of them bear a "KIA" designation. I recall being told that my mother's uncle was killed, so the graves rolls provide the service number and allow me to differentiate the two, but it is curious to me that they did not note a "KIA" status on the card.

Now all I have to do is find his medals out there somewhere!

Many thanks again!


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