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General-Lt Franz Karl as Oberst with St. Olav Commander

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This is an old case that we discussed once back on WAF, but I have now learnt that it has already been solved by someone else on Axis History Forum. This Bavarian Oberst with a Norwegian St. Olav Commander is the later Generalleutnant Franz Karl (1888-1964) as commander of IR20.


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Ah-thank you!

Now, what did he do to get that medal do you suppose? the picture i have dates from @ late 1938... as it's part of a series of the rgts' officers and some are wearing the Anschluss medal.

Absolutely no idea. His assignments during that time give no hint:

Company-Chief in the 19th Infantry-Regiment (01 Oct 1920-01 Oct 1928)

With the Staff of Command-Office Munich (01 Oct 1928-01 Feb 1931)

Commander of III. Battalion of the 21st Infantry-Regiment (01 Feb 1931-01 Oct 1933)

With the Staff of the 21st Infantry-Regiment (01 Oct 1933-06 Oct 1935)

Commander of the 20th Infantry-Regiment (06 Oct 1935-01 Jan 1939)

Commander of Supplemental-Troops XII (01 Jan 1939-01 Sep 1939)

Commander of the 263rd Infantry-Division (01 Sep 1939-14 Nov 1940)

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