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Beautiful ribbon bars. The third one with the miniature is so beautiful :jumping:

I think you can find the name easily (he belonged to I.R. Nr. 126 with Grand Duc of Baden like Chief of this regiment). If I have the time this afternoon I will see.



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There's a good chance at ID'ing the 4 bar with Baden OZLX and Bavarian MMO peacetime, but I couldn't find a match on a qucik flip through. The BMV is obviously a 4, but the OZL could be several classes (usually don't see mini oakleaves device even when that was the full size grade), and of course the "lone" W?rttemberg MMO is complicated by returns of Friedrichs.

maybe Daniel can sort that out from his work with W?rttemberg.

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Thank you Gentlemen for your comments and compliments.

Deruelle, your observation is correct. I have checked as closely as possible and can say that there is absolutely no evidence of there ever having been a sword device on the Bavarian ribbon on the full size bar; but since they came together, my guess is that they belong together.

Saschaw, I am inclined to agree - ?The bar and bar pin are apparently a set and the smaller one has the right ribbon ...?

Joe Campbell, you are so right - ?good things come in small packages!? I hope to post a new arrival (small package) within the next few days.

Again, thank you all and best wishes,

Wild Card

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For the benefit of the ribbon bar aficionados among us, I would like to present a couple of recently acquired bars nothing spectacular, but I like the W?rttemberg connection.

Those are wonderful. I've been searching for over 10 years for the second one. Congrats :cheers:

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