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Vendean Royalist Insignia


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I've seen a few male portraits(circa 1815) wearing a small red heart(without the cross) on their shirt and I was wondering if its related to the Vendean Royalist Insignia(circa 1793). The males in the 1815 portraits seem to young to be Vendean Veterans. Maybe just fashionable to wear a red heart or an insignia for some other organisation.

I don't have a photo of just the red heart.



Vendean Royalist Insgnia

Dieu Le Roi - God is the King


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Bonsoir Monsieur Bear,

Not that I'm an expert in that area, but yes it IS (was) a Vendean symbol...the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Even today in France, the young Catholic organization's symbol is just that ( les jeunesse francaise catholique...I believe...do a Google search). As to the Vendean revolt, I recall coming home from work one evening in 1989 and listening to a 'Vendean perspective' on the 200th anniversary of 'La Revolution' on NPR. They are still none too pleased with Paris and what 'la Republique' did to their people. Can you blame them? It truly was a lamentable period of French history in many respects. I find several analogies between 1789 and 1917 in Russia. If only they had been monarchs up to the task.....think of the bloodshed that could (would?) have been avoided. Sorry for the rambling!


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