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My first SS Insignia - opinions please...

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Hi everyone,

Just bought my first SS insignia after all the books & forums ive read. thumbsup.gif

Its an SS sports insignia with RZM tag, but ive got 2 questions to ask the experts here.

1) What i do know (and this bothers me a bit) is the RZM tag.The A code is for for simple machine embroidered items /woven items like sports shirt insignia where else the B code machine embroidered items, like enlisted collar insignia, and cuff bands. Mine has the B code huh2.gif

2) Has anyone tried cleaning cloth insignia before ?? huh2.gif Mine has 2 small light dirt areas at the reverse , that seems to be able to be cleaned off easily (but ive never tried that before)

Really appreciate for any help given. Thank You.







From the book "Cloth insignia of the SS by Major John R. Angolia"





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Thank you for the help Paul thumbsup.gif

Don, something might be blocking your browser from seeing my image, perhaps your firewall ??

I uploaded them to flickr.com with viewing permission setting to public.




:cheers: What a Holiday for you it"s a 1000% with RZM tag to boot,Now if such great stuff can be found on this side of the planet,it would be a perfect world.Thank You Darrell English

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