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Austrian ribbon bar fakes again

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Or not...

because thanks to criminal scum like The Sausage Maker, in a week or 10 years or 100 years... there willl be no way to tell good from bad, on the ones he gets right.

As in any other field where fraud and forgery outnumber good items, the effect is to depress prices for REAL items.

This human garbage is not only robbing people NOW, he is robbing collectors who haven't even been born yet.

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Except for the "Azad :speechless: Hind," the newest clump of Frankenstein bars appear to be completely hand made like the old Ohio All Brass ones, only using white metal. Look at where the catchgs are placed on the back, and the type ofd wire pins. It looks to me like he is soldering fake "U" tongues onto the backs of sheet stock backings.

Ran out of all those THOUSANDS of original old backings... already?

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Those are DEFINITELY phony catches and pins--not at all what is found on actual manufactured backing stock.

Note the absolutely idiotic fake "age"-- as if randomly slopping grease/rust spots and picking ribbon snags is typical of worn twice a year for 3 hours parade medal bars.

His mama must be SO proud of her son!!!! :violent:

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Saw them again too, also noticed there is another seller called LegionairVienna who sells always at the same time a lot of fake material too, maybe the same person?

Rick, thank you for that last post, the fake age spots are very clear, but im afraid i don't understand yet how you can recognize the way the catchpin should be attached?



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A real "U tongue" catch is stamped out of the metal backing plate. It cannot be too high or the bar would break at the top or too low or the pin would not be straight.

Because fake ones that are meant to LOOK like a stamped "U" catch are actually soldered onto a solid fake backing, they are up, down... all over.

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And what would you think of this one, offered by the same seller? :rolleyes:

Gentlemen: What a shudder I?ve down my spine!!!, I always, save the more obvius faked, are completely thinking that the bars I?ve seeing, at not precisely low prices, are the real yhing...I know is possibly out of the scope of you discussion but, I personally, will be more the grateful if you can send me some ready made hints to, suspect if any of this offering in eBay are or not be considerd fake or...must be treated with considerable precaution.

Thanks before hand, I?m ever more feeling me, after more that 15 years collecting that the more I know is the more i unknow... :speechless:


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And what would you think of this one, offered by the same seller? :rolleyes:

Excuse me what do you see as the hint to make suspicion fell on this bar???

I?ll be lectured on the matter, please...Or I?ll be a easy prey to thi forgers.... :speechless1::speechless1:

Thanks :cheers:


, What do you think about this bar, It?s a fake???, because

I?ll to consider bought it...

Please alittle help, as soon as possible...


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  • 2 weeks later...

The top two are classic late 1980s early 1990s Ohio All Brass Parts Frauds. The backings and catchs are hand snipped out of sheet brass, with the crude catch always being the immediate tip off:

These are made in mockery of the real stamped through "U tongue" catches-- never positioned where a real one would be (compare with 2 ribbon bar at bottom). This is a stamped brass original "C" catch soldered onto a steel backing above.

This is an ORIGINAL "U tongue" catch. It is NOT a brass backing-- it's gilt-flashed steel as an anti-rust coating:

At that stage of things, most of the devices were real, but if you flash these with a blacklight, most likely the Memel medal is going to go the tell-tale bright electric blue of modern white in fake ribbons. The NSDAP 10 years device will also be a real 15 that the @%&*ing moron painted BROWN for his frauds. He then had a huge poile of never used 15s to create his garbage, and PAINTED "gold" and "bronze" over them. :speechless:

That is definitely not an original SS rune device.

Cannot say on the mini medal one-- scans would be needed rather than camera shots.

If you go up to the top of the main page and click on "Gallery" or go down into the Third Reich subforum where "German Ribbon Bars" are a category, that will bring you over to where I am (slowly) updating the AUTHORIZED version of my ribbon bar references now sitting stolen and without my permission elsewhere.

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