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Any Irish Regimental Journal experts in the house?

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I've recently aquired this Irish Regimental publication and would like to know more.

'The Irish Group Chronicle' Vol. 1. No.1 Dec 1947 The Official Organ of the Irish Infantry Group Printed Tyrone Constitution Ltd. Omagh. I've never heard of this publication previously and wondered if anyone can help:

Was this a 1 issue wonder? If not how many issues do I need to track down?

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Could be a one off and if so a rarity even if printed in 1947. The MOD Library at Old Scotland Yard used to have runs of regimental journals, but I'm not sure if their collection was cleared out during a re-org when they proposed modernisation. Infact I'm not a 100% certain if it's still open as there was talk of closing it down altogether as part of "Defence Cuts" in late 80's early 90's. Seemingly it was too expensive to have librarians on site and only nutcases like myself tended to use it's facilities and then I had to write my requests to them.


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