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Private Bazarbai Karmov

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Part 2.

Precis from the seller:

Research details how Uzbek Bazarbai Karmov was seriously wounded outside of Leningrad and awarded the Leningrad campaign medal. In MAR 45 when three of his comrades accidentally walked into a minefield, he cleared an 8m path to safety, clearing out 28 mines. With that kind of density, seems like more than one person was lucky that day.

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:Cat-Scratch: Doctor No!!!!!! :speechless1:

Bazarbai Karimov, Private, born 1911 in village of Lenin-Yul (somehow I think it had another name in 1911), Khassan-Saisky Raion, Namanchanskaya Oblast, Uzbek SSR.

Member of CPSU since January 1941 (!)

Medium education (suggesting the massively retouched photo might once have been him in his high school uniform, under all the air brushing)


In Red Army 26.2.42 to 11.10.45

Decorated as Line Supervisor in the Signals Unit of 2nd Ukrainian Army Command

Now (25.8.47) managing editor of the newspaper "Leninchi" in Kassan-Saisky raion.

Living in Lenin-Yul.

Glory 3rd by decree of 2nd Ukrainian Army 25.4.45


handwritten details repeat ARC. Wounds: 1 light, 1 severe.

~~~ "Comrade K. has taken part in all actions of the Army as a Line Supervisor and was severely wounded in breaking out of Leningrad.

In the period of offensive operations in Poland and East Prussia, displayed disregard [for danger to himself obvious but not typed] in bringing six cable lines from the staff of the Army to the foremost signals junctions.

23.3.45 while laying cable lines in the southwest outskirts of Danzig , the soldiers (boitsi) Khasano, Makarov and Kulakov blew themselves up in a minefield. Comr. K knew about mine matters [HOW????!!!!}, crossed a passage of 8 meters, removed from there 28 mines and evacuated the blown-up soldiers (boytsi).

Deserves to be awarded OG 3 ~~~

Major V. Groshkov, Commander of 360th Independent Line 'Order of the Red Star' Signals Battalion 2.4.45

Deserves ~~~ Commander of Signals 2nd Ukrainian Army Colonel Vaukh(ilin?) 13.4.45

Awarded OG3 ~~~ Sr Lt of Admin Svcs"

OK, for the native speakers:

Why is the odd term "boytsi" used rather than Red Army men or privates or "soldaty?" This suggest to me that Khasano, Makarov, and Kulakov were either cannon-fodder "labor" soldiers (rather like Party Comrade Who Isn't Russian Karimov) or possibly were members of a penal unit.

Further puzzler:

How in God's name did a buck private Uzbek newspaper editor assigned to a telephone line unit "know about mine matters?" :speechless1: This sounds to me like B-S, and that this crazy guy went in and rescued people who nobody else was going to lift (or lose) a finger for, singlehandedly bringing out 3 wounded men with no help from anybody.

I think it is an exceptionally HUMAN touch that the three victims rescued are identified by name.

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